Sunday, January 22, 2017

Guest Room/Office

When we moved to Tally, we knew we needed a second bedroom. After living in a 677 sq. ft., one bedroom/one bath apartment for the last 3 years, we knew we wanted a little more space. Well, we definitely got it with our new apartment in Tallahassee!

We have 1200 sq. ft., two large bedrooms, and two large bathrooms, plus a HUGE kitchen and spacious living room. Not to mention the walk-in closet of my dreams...all to myself!! Many perks in the new apartment!

My favorite room to decorate has been the additional second bedroom. For now, it serves multiple purposes as a guest bedroom, my office, and a home for all things girly. We also had to place our largest dresser from our bedroom suite in this room. Although the bedrooms are larger overall, they're about a foot narrower and our really heavy, thick bedroom furniture wouldn't all fit in the master. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed creating a super girly space that fills up my creative cup. I don't work from home very often but I do a lot of work at nights and over the weekend so this is my quiet space.

I've been waiting to share photos of this room until I felt it was totally "done." But, I'm not sure it ever will be. I'd like to add some fun wall art above the bed and I definitely still have a few holes to fill in the gallery wall above the desk. But that's the fun of this room! 

The dresser from our bedroom suite basically takes up this entire wall! I love our bedroom suite. It is so beautiful but it is also sooo big and sooo incredibly difficult to move!!

Desk: Ikea // Ghost Chair: At Home // Cart: Ikea // Lamp: Target // Pillow: At Home // Curtains: Walmart

My Mom made the most fabulous initial monogram for my desk chair!

Wooden Monogram: Wholesale Boutique // Starburst Mirrors: Target // Lampshade: Target // Macaroon Print: Hobby Lobby // Popsicle Print/Bowtie Print/High Heels Print: History in High Heels Blog // Block Wall Sayings: Hobby Lobby // High Heel Wallpaper Print: Gifted 

Gold Quartrefoil Side Tables: Hobby Lobby // Frame: Hobby Lobby // Plastic File Folder: Marshall's 

My Mom also made a cute lime green circle monogram for my file folder to match my gray/lime green folders.

Comforter/Pillowcases: Target // Sheets: Bed, Bath & Beyond // Faux Fur Pillow/Sparkle Pillow/Gold Dot Pillow: Target // Kentucky Pillow/Pineapple Pillow: Gifted // Pom-Poms: Target

These super cute pom-poms were a recent find in the Target Dollar Spot. I LOVE them! The hubs, not so much. If these pom-poms are wrong, I don't want to be right! 

Garment Rack: Ikea // Faux Fur Rug: Ikea // Wall Hanging: Made by my Mom 

I love planning my weekly outfits using this simple and cute garment rack I picked up at Ikea for less than $10!

Planner: Erin Condren // Pens: Target // Mousepad: Wholesale Boutique 

I've always wanted a place to display lots of picture frames!

Frames: Gifts, Hobby Lobby, Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Walmart

In the far corner, there is a matching gold side table with a teal Pillowfort lamp from Target & my trusty old manikin! She fits right in in this room!

AND How gorgeous does this necklace look on her?

This room makes my inner girly-girl SOO happy! Hopefully I can enjoy it like this for as long as possible!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

McQuerry Family Vacay

As soon as my parents left, the hubs' family arrived. We spent Sunday with them at Wakullah Springs, Pebble Hill Plantation, and had lots of pool fun! We joined them in Destin later in the week for a few days of soaking up the sun.

Doak Stadium

Wakullah Springs Boat Ride

Tucker's Best Bud Carson

The Fam on the Beach

Another reason Destin is my favorite place on Earth!

Dinner at Margaritaville

Pool FUN!

Beach with the Nephews!

Family Beach Pictures

We adore these little (big) nuggets!

Dinner at McGuire's

Late night walk on the beach to search for crabs & turtles!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Go Noles!

In between my parents leaving for Kentucky and the hubs' family arriving for a week of vacay we slipped away for our first FSU football game! Literally, the morning my parents left Destin, my in-laws left KY for Tally! Unfortunately, we had to leave the game early and it turned out to be a nail biter in the end! It was a great first experience at Doak!

Tomahawk Chop!


The Grease themed half time band performance was the amazing!

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