Friday, February 28, 2014

Favorite Pins Friday: Spring Fashion Edition

It's FPF!

Another week down and drumroll please.......the first time I get to see my parents (after 6 weeks) and my brother (since Christmas) in a LONG time!

My brother is a college baseball pitcher and his team is playing a couple of hours away in Eastern NC so we are making the drive in the morning and staying a couple of days to watch his team play. I am so excited!!!

Baseball and these warmer temps (supposed to be 70 on Sunday) have me swooning over the spring fashion trends. There are so many I want to share and plan to do so in multiple posts over the next few weeks, but today I wanted to show you a few of my favorite spring fashion pins. I am looking forward to trying out some of these new trends.

I like the blush pink pastel color of the blouse & jacket. The destroyed boyfriend jeans make this look more casual also. This is a great look for the transition period between seasons when you just aren't sure what to wear. 

{couldn't locate original source}
This is a great transition look too with the leather jacket for the cool mornings that can be removed for the warmer afternoons. These pleated sheer skirts are trending this spring and mid- to long lengths are in. Love the soft blue color also.

This is color blocking heaven! Love these bold hues together and the proportions of the color blocking. A great dress to take you from spring through summer.

One item I'm hoping to add to my wardrobe this spring is a great fitting pair of exaggerated flair jeans. I would prefer a darker wash than these but it's the same concept. Rachel Zoe has sort of coined this look but it is definitely popping up more and more. These pair perfectly with a chunky wedge for spring. A heel is a must with these flare jeans!

And you can't go wrong with a pop of neon! I love how this look goes from basic (jeans & white top) to fabulous with the addition of a few bright accessories. You can change any look with an accessory (something I've definitely learned during the Closet Remix Challenge)!
What are your favorite looks for spring?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

JCP Style

JC Penney is one of my favorite stores. With each passing season they seem to carry more and more on trend, fashion items and at an affordable price, no less. I especially love bargain hunting at JCP as they sometimes have great blowout sales (last summer was the best)!

My Closet Remix Challenge and these spring-like bursts of weather have me wishing for new, light and airy items to add to my closet. I am craving bright pops of color and flowy blouses.

I was looking for a top in the perfect shade of pink for a specific jacket I have in mind and I found myself falling in love with lots of items on JCP's website.  I have put together my favorite skirts, blouses, dresses, & shoes that are currently available online. Some of which are on sale (we're talking skirts for $9.99)!



What do you think of these JCP picks for spring? See any trends forming?! I can't wait to share more on spring fashion trends coming soon!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our Wedding Day {Part Three}: December 7th, 2013

Today I want to share some of my favorite pictures of our bridal party.

I knew from the beginning I wanted a traditional black and white wedding but I love color too much to completely omit it. When I chose blush it was just emerging into the fashion and bridal market. I actually had trouble finding examples of it. Now it is everywhere! I loved the soft hue that paired nicely with the elegant romance theme that I had pictured in my mind.

I found these gorgeous bridesmaid dresses at a local boutique in Lexington, Kentucky. My beautiful bridesmaid Regan served as the model and tried on multiple designs one afternoon. She was the perfect model and they all looked great on her...too great to decide on just one so, I picked all four. Four designs and four bridesmaids worked perfectly. I immediately pictured each one and their personality in each of the dresses and it all fell into place from there. I loved the cap sleeve and bow belt, peplum, high ruffle collar, and strapless empire waist designs!

Did I mention it was FREEZing outside when we were taking these? My poor bridesmaids! I know their arms were frozen (because my fingers were).

The men wore a traditional black and white tux. The groom wore a traditional black bow tie and the ring bearer was his spitting image. The father's wore long black ties and the groomsmen/usher had blush bow ties. It added a nice little touch and differentiated everyone in the party ever so slightly.

Let me tell you about the miracle of these flower girl dresses. Pinterest is amazing! I wanted the flower girl dresses to be blush pink like the bridesmaids but I didn't want them to be an arm and a leg (some are upwards of $300...just crazy if you ask me). I simply searched for blush flower girl dresses on Pinterest and found these. I kid you not, they are the EXACT SAME color, fabric, construction, etc. of the bridesmaid dresses. I swear they came from the same bolt of fabric! And they were $30! Can you believe it?! I also love that they can be worn again for spring, Easter, other weddings, etc.

The location of our pictures fell through at the last minute and honestly, I am so glad. I cannot imagine we would have gotten better pictures than we did at Beaumont Inn. They were so gracious (days before the wedding) to allow us to take photos there (they do not normally allow it) and on the weekend of the home tours no less. I am so grateful to them!

Overall, I loved everything about our bridal party. Not just the pretty dresses, spiffy bow ties, and fancy flowers, but the people behind them. They truly are our best friends and I don't know where we would be without them.

*All pictures were taken by Heather Ransdell Photography and are unedited. (Can you believe how good she is? The edited ones are on their way...I just couldn't wait to share!)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Military Jacket

Spring Trend Alert: Military Green is In!

The military trend has been slowly creeping into the fashion world for a couple of years now. But lately, I have been seeing military cargo vests & jackets for spring everywhere!

I love the relaxed look of an oversized, military green, cargo jacket. It is chic and pulled together with an effortless look.

I have gathered some inspirational looks from one of my favorite bloggers, Jessica Quirk from What I Wore, below:

I love how this jacket can take you from Fall to Winter to Spring as seen in the photos above. It is extremely versatile and the olive color goes with any and every neutral. I can't wait to add one to my closet this Spring. It is number one on my list!

I want to make sure I get one that is oversized enough to pull off the looks above. The biggest challenge for me is length. I am six feet tall, so what would be long enough on the average height gal is still too short for me. I gathered some sources at different price points below. I'm hoping to try on a few of these and see which I like best.



What do you think of the military trend?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Closet Remix Challenge 2014: Week 3

3/4 of the way there!

So far, I have found this challenge to be helpful in the mornings as I already have my outfit planned for the day. When I set out to start this challenge, I picked basics that I knew would be versatile (cream vest, fur vest, chambray top, black blazer, jeans, etc.) and a few pieces to throw in some color (red jeggings, camo jeans, purple sweater, leopard flats). I then went through and created as many outfits in my head as possible, planned them for each day according to what was on my schedule, and hoped for the best.

This week was the first time I hit a snag in that plan and the snag's name was STREP! It hit hard in the wee hours of Sunday morning and I thought I was dying/had the flu. Thankfully it was just strep and the doc gave me some great meds but my sinuses and sore throat had me feeling yucky all week. With that, I didn't even make it into a couple of these outfits (Sunday & Monday) and I adapted some of my original plans on the side of comfort. Either way, I hope you enjoy this week's wardrobe!

Can, I just say, I'm loving the way my ombre' hair color is looking in this pic!

Day 15: It's Saturday & I'm Feelin' Good (little did I know strep was looming...)
Top: {Old Navy} Vest: {Old Navy} Jeans: {NY&CO, old} Boots: {Marshall's, old} Bubble Necklace: {Bijoux Boutique}

Day 16: Sure didn't make it into this pretty pink & black number I had planned for church!
Top: {Calvin Klein, Marshall's} Skirt: {Stitchfix} Tights: {WalMart} Boots: {Kohl's, old}

Day 17: So sad, this necklace was so perfect with this green & purple combo...sick day for me
Top: {Joe Fresh, JC Penney} Sweater: {Ralph Lauren Outlet, old} Jeans: {NY&CO, old} Flats: {Target} Necklace: {Bijoux Boutique, old}

Day 18: Back to Reality Tuesday
Top: {JC Penney} Sweater: {Cato Fashions} Pants: {Gift} Boots: {Kohl's, old} Scarf: {H&M, London, England}

Day 19: On Wednesday's We Wear Pink (Mean Girl's reference...did I just really? Yes I did...)
Top: {Calvin Klein, Marshall's} Blazer: {Forever 21, old} Scarf: {H&M} Jeans: {NY&CO} Flats: {Target} Pearl Cluster Bracelet: {Bijoux Boutique}
Day 20: Floral Polka Dots
(It's a tie between this outfit and the one above for my favorite for the week!)
Top: {JC Penney} Sweater: {Forever 21} Jeans: {Macy's, old} Flats: {Target} Necklace: {Bijoux Boutique}
Day 21: It's Finally Friday!!
Top: {H&M} Vest: {Marshall's} Leggings: {H&M} Flats: {Target} Necklace: {Bijoux Boutique}
Well that wraps up Week 3 of my first ever 30 Day Closet Remix Challenge. Stay tuned next Monday for the final week of looks and my reflection on the overall experience. Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!


Friday, February 21, 2014

Favorite Pins Friday: Radiant Orchid




Have you heard? My favorite color is the 2014 Pantone Color of the Year!!!

It may have something to do with the fact that my carpet as a child was purple, but I have always been drawn to this color. I love every shade of purple: lilac, fuschia, eggplant, and now, Radiant Orchid!

Last year was the first year I can remember there being an official color of the year that I am aware of. In my undergraduate fashion classes we would talk about seasonal colors created by Pantone but I don't remember the entire year being focused on one single color.

I jumped on the emerald train last year, especially during the winter as it was a rich color, and the same applies this year. The rich purple that is Radiant Orchid is described as, "having a magical warmth that blooms with confidence." This color is expressive and creative and emanates great joy, love, and health (so the fashion world says).

I love it because it's Purple! I can't wait to incorporate even more of it (surprisingly I don't have that much purple in my closet). Hopefully more purple will be on the shelves than ever before! I recently added a couple of Radiant Orchid statement necklaces to my collection but I would love a maxi skirt and blazer in the color as well.

So for Favorite Pins Friday I thought I would gather a few of my favorite Radiant Orchid looks and products I have found so far:

I love this look. It's a fun statement and pop of color and the visual detail of the skirt is to die for! I need somewhere to wear this!

You can't go wrong with Michael Kors!
Wear Radiant Orchid in one element and one shade or in multiple elements as shown here with the scarf, gloves, and outerwear.

Too scared to really "wear" the purple? Start slowly with accessories like a fun statement necklace or handbag.

If you're really brave (or just don't care what others me) grab a faux fur vest in purple. Sign me up for one of these please!
Or throw some purple on your feet! Anyway you wear this color, it is fun!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Our Wedding Day {Part Two}: December 7th, 2013

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite wedding photos from our couples pictures. I'll start with the First Look.

For months, I debated on whether or not to see my groom before I walked down the aisle. Before I met with our photographer, I was convinced I didn't want to see him beforehand. But I also knew I didn't want to sacrifice my pictures because we were in a rush or make my guests wait hours after the ceremony. After meeting with our wonderful photographer, we decided we would do a first look and I am so glad we did. I would have been even more nervous if I had waited until that moment to see him for the first time and our pictures would not have been what I really wanted. That moment walking down the aisle was just as special and our first look was one of my favorite moments of the day.



I love him so much!
After our First Look, we took pictures together before taking photos with our bridesmaids & groomsmen.
Right after our First Look.

Tucker had to get his photo-opportunity in! Love his little tuxedo we found online!
Earrings & Bracelet from Wedding Wonderland (link below). Pearl necklace was a gift from my sweet parents the night before (tears and more tears).

My dress & veil are from Wedding Wonderland {Lexington, KY}

White Faux Fur Jacket from Kohls on clearance (on sale even more now!)





Tuxedos were from Geno's Formal Wear {Lexington, KY}


Flowers by Jaclyn Journey (Louisville, KY)

Photography by Heather Ransdell {Louisville, KY}
Next time I will feature our bridal party! Hope you enjoyed!
Are you getting married? What month? What is your color scheme? Let me know in the comments below!

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