Monday, February 10, 2014

Closet Remix Challenge 2014: Week 1

I shared last week about my new challenge for the month of February: the 28x28 Closet Remix Challenge. The looks I put together during Week 1 are below:

Day 1: Casual Saturday
Button Up [Old Navy] ~ Vest [old, can't remember] ~ Jeans [old, New York and Company] ~ Flats [Topshop (Spain)] ~ Bubble Necklace & Bracelets [Bijoux Boutique]

Day 2: Church & Flea Market Attire {Tucker needed his own photo-op}
Top [Marshall's] ~ Blazer [Forever 21] ~ Skirt [The Limited] ~ Boots [Kohl's] ~ Necklace [store in Spain] ~ Bracelets [Bijoux Boutique]

Day 3: And Monday rolls around again
Button Up [JC Penney] ~ Sweater [Catos Fashions] ~ Jeans [old, New York and Company] ~ Boots [old, Marshall's] ~ Necklace [Bijoux Boutique] ~ Watch [Michael Kors, Kohl's]

Day 4: Finally my Camo & Pink (I purchased the top at Marshall's - see my old post if you're lost)
Top [Marshall's] ~ Vest [Old Navy] ~ Pants [JC Penney] ~ Flats [Target] ~ Necklace [store in Spain]

Day 5: Hump Day
Button Up [Old Navy] ~ Sweater [Forever 21] ~ Leggings [gift] ~ Boots [Kohl's] ~ Jewelry [Bijoux Boutique

Day 6: Thursday Blues
Top [Forever 21] ~ Vest [old, can't remember] ~ Jeans [old, NY&CO] ~ Flats [Topshop, Spain] ~ Jewelry [Bijoux Boutique]

Day 7: TGIF & Heart Disease Awareness Day (wear red)
Button Up [Old Navy] ~ Vest [Old Navy] ~ Pants [Macy's] ~ Flats [Marshall's] ~ Jewelry [Bijoux Boutique]

So far so good with the no shopping side of the challenge. The husband and I did make a stop at DSW last weekend per my husband's request...I know right? He thinks he needs to step up his "shoe game" and I have to give him props, he has good style (we will see if he is reading this...I never admit this to him). I went straight to the clearance section (as all good bargain hunters do) and found the most beautiful velvet scalloped edge black flats. I had them on my feet in a nanosecond before I remembered my commitment to not shop this month. Fortunately, they didn't fit (too big) so that saved me from having to make the saddening decision to put them back on the rack.

As far as mixing and matching my pieces go, I haven't really run into much trouble yet, probably because it has only been 7 days. I'm thinking week 2 might be more challenging, especially because I hate to wear things too often (everyone will notice right)? I don't think anyone is really watching though...good thing in this case :)

Until my next CRC update,

xoxo Meredith

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