Monday, February 17, 2014

Closet Remix Challenge 2014: Week 2

Well Week 2 has come and gone of the 30x30 day closet remix challenge. I'm halfway there. This week didn't feel as redundant as I thought it would. That is probably due to the fact we were snowed in Wednesday through Friday and I didn't have the outfits on as long as usual; just long enough to pop over to get some necessities from Wal-Mart or check the mail.
Check out the looks below for some daily outfit inspiration :)

This first look was for the Textile Open House which was held at NC State on Saturday. It was my job to tell prospective students and people within the community what type of research we are working on in our lab. I threw my College of Textiles tee on with a blazer and called it a day!
The second version includes items from the CRC only:
Day 8: Textile Open House & Casual Saturday
Jeans: {Macy's, old} Button-Up: {Forever 21} Vest: {Old Navy} Flats: {Target, old} Necklace: {Store in Spain}
Day 9: Church Attire & Studying at Barnes & Noble
Skirt: {Forever 21} Top: {JC Penney} Boots: {Payless} Scarf: {Five Below} Bracelets {Bijoux Boutique} Tights: {Wal-Mart}
Day 10: Professional Monday
Pants: {gift} Top: {JC Penney} Sweater: {Polo Outlet, old} Boots: {Kohls, old} Necklace & Bracelet: {Bijoux Boutique}
Day 11: Green Gingham
Jeans: {NY&CO, old} Top: {JC Penney} Vest: {Old Navy} Boots: {Payless} Necklace: {Bijoux Boutique}
Day 12: Snowpocalypse Arrives
Jeans: {NY&CO, old} Top, Flats, & Vest: {Marshall's}
Day 13: Radiant Orchid & Camo/Snowpocalypse Snows Us In
(didn't actually wear this but it was too cute, in my opinion, not to share)
Top: {H&M, old} Jeans: {JC Penney} Flats: {Target, old} Scarf: {Five Below} Necklace: {Bijoux Boutique}


Day 14: Happy Valentine's Day
I was saving this heart print top I got from my parents for Christmas for just this occasion. I love the bow detail in the back (see picture above).
Top: {Kohls, gift} Blazer: {Forever 21} Jeans: {Macy's, old} Flats: {Target} Handbag: {Mango, London} Necklace: {Cato Fashions}
Hope you enjoyed these looks! Can't wait to share Week 3 with you!
Stay tuned for my Valentine's Day looks from this past weekend. They will be up tomorrow :)

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