Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hair Tools & Techniques

Happy Hump Day!

My newest hair do has me thinking of new ways to style my shorter locks. I'm doing less up dos and creative styles and using more hair tools instead, to switch up my look. I can still pull off the sock bun or top knot but I usually save that for the weekends or days I need a little extra sleep in the morning ;)!

Although this is not a beauty blog, there is a connection between hair styles and fashion trends. I tend to follow hair trends along with fashion trends, hence my new "shoulder crop". You can read about it here. So I thought I would share some of the tools and techniques I use to style my hair.

The tool I use most often, without a doubt, is my straightener. When it comes to the brand, I am not that picky, other than it be high end. My frizzy, naturally wavy/curly hair takes some high heat to convince it to be straight. I have had a chi (high school days), a Paul Mitchell (college days), and for Christmas, I got a ghd (here). Normally, I get whatever my wonderful hair stylist recommends and orders for me. I loved all three brands, especially the Paul Mitchell. It lasted me 6+ years! That is insane for how much I used it. And technically, it could have kept going but the signs of sticky, squeaky plates told me it was time to retire it.

The ghd straightener took me a little while to get used it. It's plates are much thinner and lighter weight than what I was used to with the Paul Mitchell, therefore it held less hair. However, I can get a wavy/curl with it that I couldn't with the thicker Paul Mitchell plates. Yes, you heard that right, I curl my hair with my straightener! Don't even think about a curling iron for this gal! You can only burn yourself so many times until logic kicks in. I taught myself to curl my hair on the straightener years ago and I wouldn't do it any other way.

So that brings me to the first way I like to wear my hair (somehow these ended up in order of complexity and time it takes to wrangle my hair into the shape I want it...).

Voluminous Curls (created by a straightener)

Our Engagement Photos

The second way I create waves/curls is with a curling wand.

I picked up a cheap ($29.99) curling wand last year at Ulta. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a tool I wasn't sure I could use or would like, so I went with one from Conair (similar here).

It came with a black glove so no burns! I really like this tool because I don't have to blow dry my hair before curling as I do when using the straightener. With this, I can let me hair air dry and then curl it  in the morning. Some days, my natural curl is better than others and I only have to curl the top layer with the wand. Other days (like today) my whole head needs to be whipped into shape!

Soft Waves with a Curling Wand

Honeymoon in Spain

The next way I wear my hair often, is straightened, with either a middle part or side part. With my new style (and with my old) I prefer a middle part for a more fashionable outfit, but a side part for a classic look. I simply divide my hair in sections and straighten. This is one of the easiest ways I style my hair, it just requires a blow dry before hand!

Straightened with Straightener

The last technique I use involves embracing my natural curl. Honestly, I love my curly/wavy hair; it's the frizz I can't stand. One way to combat this frizz and embrace my natural curl is styling mousse. I scrunch my hair wet, apply mousse (generously), and blow dry with a diffuser attachment. Then, once again, depending on the day, more wrangling may have to be done to achieve the "natural" look I want. This technique takes the least amount of time but achieves a look that I like the least also.

Embracing my Natural Curl

Oh the joys of being a gal right!? I love styling my hair different ways, but some days, a sock bun works just fine too!

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