Thursday, February 27, 2014

JCP Style

JC Penney is one of my favorite stores. With each passing season they seem to carry more and more on trend, fashion items and at an affordable price, no less. I especially love bargain hunting at JCP as they sometimes have great blowout sales (last summer was the best)!

My Closet Remix Challenge and these spring-like bursts of weather have me wishing for new, light and airy items to add to my closet. I am craving bright pops of color and flowy blouses.

I was looking for a top in the perfect shade of pink for a specific jacket I have in mind and I found myself falling in love with lots of items on JCP's website.  I have put together my favorite skirts, blouses, dresses, & shoes that are currently available online. Some of which are on sale (we're talking skirts for $9.99)!



What do you think of these JCP picks for spring? See any trends forming?! I can't wait to share more on spring fashion trends coming soon!

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