Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our Wedding Day {Part Three}: December 7th, 2013

Today I want to share some of my favorite pictures of our bridal party.

I knew from the beginning I wanted a traditional black and white wedding but I love color too much to completely omit it. When I chose blush it was just emerging into the fashion and bridal market. I actually had trouble finding examples of it. Now it is everywhere! I loved the soft hue that paired nicely with the elegant romance theme that I had pictured in my mind.

I found these gorgeous bridesmaid dresses at a local boutique in Lexington, Kentucky. My beautiful bridesmaid Regan served as the model and tried on multiple designs one afternoon. She was the perfect model and they all looked great on her...too great to decide on just one so, I picked all four. Four designs and four bridesmaids worked perfectly. I immediately pictured each one and their personality in each of the dresses and it all fell into place from there. I loved the cap sleeve and bow belt, peplum, high ruffle collar, and strapless empire waist designs!

Did I mention it was FREEZing outside when we were taking these? My poor bridesmaids! I know their arms were frozen (because my fingers were).

The men wore a traditional black and white tux. The groom wore a traditional black bow tie and the ring bearer was his spitting image. The father's wore long black ties and the groomsmen/usher had blush bow ties. It added a nice little touch and differentiated everyone in the party ever so slightly.

Let me tell you about the miracle of these flower girl dresses. Pinterest is amazing! I wanted the flower girl dresses to be blush pink like the bridesmaids but I didn't want them to be an arm and a leg (some are upwards of $300...just crazy if you ask me). I simply searched for blush flower girl dresses on Pinterest and found these. I kid you not, they are the EXACT SAME color, fabric, construction, etc. of the bridesmaid dresses. I swear they came from the same bolt of fabric! And they were $30! Can you believe it?! I also love that they can be worn again for spring, Easter, other weddings, etc.

The location of our pictures fell through at the last minute and honestly, I am so glad. I cannot imagine we would have gotten better pictures than we did at Beaumont Inn. They were so gracious (days before the wedding) to allow us to take photos there (they do not normally allow it) and on the weekend of the home tours no less. I am so grateful to them!

Overall, I loved everything about our bridal party. Not just the pretty dresses, spiffy bow ties, and fancy flowers, but the people behind them. They truly are our best friends and I don't know where we would be without them.

*All pictures were taken by Heather Ransdell Photography and are unedited. (Can you believe how good she is? The edited ones are on their way...I just couldn't wait to share!)

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