Monday, March 3, 2014

Closet Remix Challenge 2014: Week 4

It's complete! I finished the challenge for the month of February and can't wait to share the final post and my reflections later on this week.

Today I will recap week 4:

Day 22: GO CATS! After spending all afternoon convincing myself to write a paper, we finally went out for a late dinner and it was delicious. This was my "comfy" date night outfit.
Top: {JC Penney} Vest: {Old Navy} Jeans: {NY&CO} Boots: {Payless} Leopard Stud Bracelet: {Bijoux Boutique} Scarf: {Wal-Mart black Friday steal}

Day 23: Tucker needs multiple takes to get the right angle.
Skirt: {The Limited} Button-Up: {Old Navy} Blazer: {Forever 21} Tights: {Wal-Mart} Flower Burst Necklace: {Bijoux Boutique} Booties: {Kohls}

Day 24: Polka Dots & Pearls
Button-Up: {Forever 21} Vest: {Old Navy} Jeans: {NY&CO} Boots: {Payless Shoe Source}Pearl Bracelet: {Bijoux Boutique} Tassel Necklace: {Store in Spain} Watch: {Kohls}

Day 25: Too busy for a good photo!
Jeans: {NY&CO} Top: {Kohls} Blazer: {Forever 21} Necklace: {Simple Addiction, old} Flats: {Target, last fall}

Day 26: Feeling like Spring w/ Purple & Turquoise
Pants: {gift} Button-Up: {Old Navy} Sweater: {Ralph Lauren Polo Outlet, old} Necklace: {Bijoux Boutique} Boots: {Kohls, old}

Day 27: Cobalt & Blush
Top: {Calvin Klein, Marshall's} Jeans: {NY&CO} Scarf: {gift from my bestie} Shoes: {Topshop in Spain}

Day 28: Might be my favorite look of the whole Month!
Blazer: {Forever 21} Button-Up: {JC Penney} Camo Jeans: {JC Penney, old} Flats: {Target, last fall} Necklace: {Bijoux Boutique, old}
I have to say, I am glad the challenge is over. It was fun but at times monotonous and boring. It did serve its purpose in renewing my closet in my mind. I can't wait to shop my own closet again!! But more will be posted later this week on my overall experience and all the looks will be put together to see what I created.
Happy Monday Ya'll!!!!!


  1. Tucker is precious!! What kind of dog is he? Love all your outfits that you put together. So cute and fun!!! I need to try and do something like this after baby gets here in June..not that I will be able to fit into anything in my closet after that haha…Hope you have a great week! We are getting tons of snow again here in VA so I wonder if you are getting some of that too. So ready for Spring!!!

  2. Thanks Meredith! He is a teddy bear pup (bichon frise & Shihtzu mix). Thank you for your sweet words! I'm sure you will find the time and get back into shape before you know it. No rush, you have plenty of time and it's all about enjoying your sweet new addition! Yes, we are getting freezing rain now. School and the husband's work has shut down for the afternoon! Hoping for warmer temps soon!


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