Tuesday, March 4, 2014

February Closet Additions

Yesterday I wrapped up week 4 of the 30 Day Closet Remix Challenge that I participated in for February (so really 28 days). Today is the day I confess (my husband said I had to) that I did some shopping, against the challenge's rules.

I had actually been two months without a clothing purchase (other than a couple of items on the honeymoon due to lost luggage) before I started this challenge. Once the husband and I got our budget situated after moving and being newlyweds, we realized we had more wiggle room for a few purchases here and there. He added some new work clothes and I picked up a few pieces for myself.

Striped Moto Jacket {Forever 21} Distressed Ankle Leggings {NY&CO} Houndstooth Coat {Forever 21} Slim Slouch Chinos {NY&CO}

The first purchase I made was at New York and Company. Twice a year they have their semi-annual pant event where all pants are buy one get one free. I always take advantage of this and it is the only time of the year I really buy pants. With my height, there are few stores I can shop at with pants long enough (35-37 inch inseam). Not only are NY&CO pants long enough, I also love their fit and range of styles and colors.

I also picked up a really cute floral sweater at H&M (couldn't find a picture online) to pair with camo pants soon on the blog, as well as some bargain clearance items. These items were all 50% off their already reduced price. I got a pair of navy flats, neon pink belt, mittens, and a leopard scarf for less than $12. Now that's some bargain shopping!!


My last purchase was from Forever 21, online. They were having a 30% off already reduced clearance items so I snagged some great jackets to carry me through spring and summer. I love them both! Hope they fit when they arrive!

After all of these purchases and finishing the closet remix challenge, I'm looking forward to shopping my closet and putting together lots of new looks for spring.

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