Thursday, March 6, 2014

Our Wedding Day {Part 4}: The Ceremony


Finally! I get to share with you some of my favorite pictures from our ceremony. This was the most important part of the day to me. We wanted our marriage ceremony to be a reflection of what Christ has done for the Church more than we wanted any focus on us or our relationship.

Yes, we are each other's first boyfriend/girlfriend, first kiss, first date, and so on. Yes, we are high school sweethearts and no we have never "taken a break" or "broken up." And, we got married on our eight year dating anniversary.

While I am proud of the commitment and dedication we chose to make to each other early on and continue to make each and every day,  I know that it is not of our own doing. Our love for one another is not from our own strength, but a gracious gift from the Lord. I pray continuously that He will show me how to love and serve my husband (sounds sooo weird still) and that I would fall more in love with him with each passing day.

All of this to say, let me preface this post with: We are not perfect, nor am I trying to paint a perfect picture with these wedding posts. Was our day better than I could have imagined? YES! And I am so thankful that it was. Was it perfect? What day is? But it was perfect for us!

So without further ado, Our Ceremony:

The Details

The Processional:

Prayer, Lord's Supper, & Braiding of the Chord:

You May Now Kiss The Bride:
We're Hitched!:

One more post to come next week on the Reception!
(another one of my favorites from the day)


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