Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Stitchfix #5

I recently received my fifth StitchFix and couldn't wait to share it with you on the blog. This was my first fix since my birthday last fall. I do not receive monthly fixes but schedule them for special events. This one was for making it through the first half of my semester as a PhD student!
I haven't explained Stitch Fix since I moved to this new blogging platform so here is another brief explanation:
StitchFix is a personal styling service. You complete an online style profile with your preferences for style, fit, sizing, pricing, etc. For a $20 styling fee, you receive a package with five items. You can pick and choose which item categories to include or not. For example, I opted out of receiving jewelry or accessories. Hello, I own a jewelry boutique!
Once you receive your box, open, try on and log-in to your online profile to choose which items to keep and which items to send back. They send you a packing envelope to send your items back that you don't want and shipping is already paid for. It is very convenient!
If you don't like any of the items enough to keep, simply tell them why, and send them back. You are not obligated to keep any of them, but you do lose your $20 styling fee. If you decide to purchase an item, the styling fee is credited towards that. If you purchase all five items, you receive a 25% off
Here is my fix below:
All of the items in the fix come with style cards showing you at least two different ways to wear each item. My fix included one dress, one pair of colored denim jeans, two tops, and one cardigan.
The items packaged in the box. Love the leopard print and colors in this fix!
I tried these jeans on first but they did not fit. They were too tiny! Honestly, this is the first time in all of my fixes that I've had an item completely not fit at all. I've had a few items that were too short. But overall, the fit has been surprisingly on target. I was bummed because I loved the color of them for Spring!
I tried this dress on first and threw a blue jean jacket on with it as they had recommended to style it on the style cards. Unfortunately, this dress did not fit either. The empire waist elastic band sat on top of my ribs, not down on my natural waistline.
*Please note how Tucker thinks he is a model. He is in almost all of these pictures! Little guy is a ham, what can I say?
I couldn't wait to try this leopard cardigan on! It was my favorite item in the entire fix. I paired it with the orange tank as well. The tank was cute but fit weird in the bust and was a little too basic for me (especially at the high price point).
This long sleeve blouse was a beautiful color and I loved the stud details. Unfortunately, it was very clingy and had an odd fit as well. It was also a little pricey I thought (I'm a bargain hunter remember?!) for the style.
Above is the price sheet showing the cost of each item and the total cost if all items are purchased with the 25% discount. This was my most expensive fix yet. The total was $245 with the 25% discount if I bought all items. The only item I really wanted to keep, that fit well and I loved, was the leopard print cardigan. But at $68 originally, $48 figuring in my $20 styling fee, I couldn't justify it. The material is thin and I felt I could find the same style at a lesser price point.
Overall, this Stitch Fix was not a success. But, I know from recent fixes (especially my last one) that they often are. This is the second one of five that I haven't purchased anything from. I had requested a midi tulle skirt and wide leg trouser jeans. The note my stylist sent explained they were out of those styles at the moment and that is fine. I will try again next time, probably at the end of the semester. Plus, how fun is it to come and open a package full of new clothes you've never seen before? It's like Christmas!
If you would like to sign up and try Stitch Fix, please use the code here!

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