Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The d'Orsay Shoe Trend



Today I'm sharing with you one of the new trends in footwear: the d'Orsay flat or heel.
This style of shoe is one in which the vamp of the shoe is cut away, very close to the toe box, and the sides are cut away, revealing the arch of the foot (according to google &
But, it's easier to visualize with a photograph, rather than a definition.
Below are some of my favorite d'Orsay shoes out this spring. I hope to add a pair (or two) to my collection.
{Splurge for a timeless classic: $265}

{Love these stripes!}

{Steal: $22.50}

{Dress it up with heels in the color of the year!}

{Splurge for sparkle and glitter!}
What do you think about this new trend in footwear design?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cobalt Maxi & Lime

A couple of Saturdays ago, the hubs and I ventured out to one of our favorite places in Raleigh: the North Carolina State Fairgrounds. Each weekend, there is a (large) flea market full of vendors of every type. Lots of food trucks, antiques, and homemade ice cream!
This time we decided to take Tucker so he could get out a bit, socialize, and get some exercise.
I decided to wear one of my new favorites, my cobalt maxi skirt:
Skirt: {Versona Accessories, similar here} Top: {LOFT, old} Belt: {came with shorts from H&M} Earrings: {Cato Fashions, old} Sandals: {Rainbow, old}
Pardon my flip-flops! 1. I left my summer sandals in KY & 2. My tootsies had to be comfy with all the walking at the flea market!

I just LOVE this color combo of cobalt & lime!

What do you think of the pleated maxi skirt?
I'm still trying to find tops to pair with it that make it more flattering. It is super comfy and has a polished look for a casual Saturday outing.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Favorite Pins Friday: Fashion & Fitness Edition

It's Finally Friday! Favorite Pins Friday that is!
If you're new around here, FPF is where I share what is inspiring me lately on Pinterest. Usually it is fashion focused, but some days it might be the latest recipes or fitness workouts I've tried.
Today, I'm doing a little bit of both. Below are some of my favorite pins from the past week including fashion & fitness!

This outfit is a great transition from cooler weather to warmer, spring like weather. The white lace and bright pop of color in the clutch is perfect to bring in spring.

This look is from one of my favorite fashion bloggers! Tara over at Jimmy Choos & Tennis Shoes blog is so adorable! I discovered her (and her entire adorable family, including two other fabulous sisters and her mom who seriously all have a passion for fashion) on Instagram a little while ago. Her daughter has to be the chicest baby on earth! Anyways, check her out. She is FAB-U-LOUS!
Love this look from another fabulous blogger! This pairing of gingham and white says spring has arrived and summer is almost here! (P.S. the rules about no white until Easter and none after Labor Day have completely been thrown out the window!)

How gorgeous is this sequin number with stripes and hot pink to top it off?! This would be great in my book for Easter, graduation, a wedding, or anytime you just want to feel fabulous (that must be my word of the night...I'm going to stop counting how many times I've used it in this post alone!).
Recently, the hubs and I discovered we might have let ourselves go just a tiny bit! It seems like every year, about this time, you realize that bikini season is right around the corner! We've been hitting the gym pretty regularly for the past couple of weeks. I've been doing cardio plus some of the exercise circuits I found on Pinterest below:
Let me tell ya, that 30 second holding squat is no joke! I may have broke it up into 15 second intervals! Gotta start somewhere, right?

I incorporated a lot of these arm strengthening exercises into my current arm circuit. It definitely amped up the workout!
What's inspiring you this week?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

DIY: Jewelry Storage

Last Friday, I explained my dilemma for storing my statement necklaces and showed you a few of my favorite ideas for jewelry storage from Pinterest.
Today, I'm showing you what I came up with.
I found this bar at Walmart for under $15. Here is a link to it online: towel bar
It was an 18" towel bar, just big enough to hold all my jewels and fit in the perfect spot of our closet.

The perfect spot!

My sweet Trav hung the bar (after a little coaxing).

I then added lots of hooks. I had used these for scarf displays at my jewelry booth and can't remember where they were purchased from, but these from Walmart are similar.

I added 11 hooks to the bar (all that I had).

And voila! (I have too many necklaces, I know....)

I love the finished product!
Of course, my OCD had to organize it by color/finish. Overall, it allows me to see what I have much better than before.
If you want to try this project, all you need is the towel bar (under $15) and some shower curtain hooks (under $7). For about $20, you can complete this project in no time.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Little Glitter & Gold

Now that we live almost 9 hours away from home, any excuse we can find for a trip home is welcome in my book.
After thinking about it, and reflecting (which I rarely take time to do), I decided that I am going to walk in my Master's graduation ceremony. In the past two years I earned three degrees (two Bachelors, and one Master's) and have almost completed the first semester of my PhD program. On top of that, the husband and I got married, moved away, started new jobs, got a puppy, and much more. Sometimes, you just need to celebrate and this just happened to be a good reason to!
I didn't walk in my undergraduate ceremony because I immediately started my graduate program and took a trip overseas to London & Scotland. So I think it's time I slow down for a second and realize all I have accomplished.
I wanted to make sure all of our family were involved so I decided to create a little invitation on an online website to mail out. The ceremony is at Rupp Arena which holds 26K and is where the CATS play, so formal invitations weren't necessary. But I wanted to get everyone from our families together for lunch afterwards also.
I had ordered some stickers and other business stationary for my small business through Zazzle before and was always satisfied with their print quality. I decided to sit down this past weekend and design some graduation invitations. This turned out to be quite the challenge as I wasn't a senior graduating from high school trying to send out a collage of my senior portraits and I wasn't from the Class of 2014, as all of the templates seemed to shout. I eventually settled on this gorgeous invitation layout after creating a few different ones.
I wanted something simple yet fun, and glitzy. After all, I'm finally allowing myself to celebrate some of my accomplishments! I'm more excited about spending time and going to lunch with my family than the actual three hour ceremony for graduate and professional school students. But, it's an excuse to go home, see our family, get dressed up (maybe get a new dress ;) and design some fun invitations. I love these from Zazzle*.
*Note, this is NOT a sponsored post. I did not receive any of this for free. Zazzle probably has, and probably never will have, any idea that this little post is even out in the world wide web. These are simply my opinions.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Palazzo Pants

One trend that is really big this spring? Wide leg trousers and pants, including the palazzo pant, made from a jersey or chiffon fabric.
You've heard me mention my new found love for Versona Accessories in recent posts. These palazzo pants are from my first visit and they were on the clearance rack for under $20! I couldn't pass them up. That's one key to purchasing trendy items, they shouldn't be an investment. A trend may last a few seasons or a few weeks! You can check out my post on the Palazzo Pant trend here.
I loved these pants because they are different from the traditional black base fabric print, with a cute chevron pattern, but aren't wild and crazy in color. I chose to pair the pants with a simple, black chiffon top that makes the look dressy but at the same time, comfortable and relaxed. This one is from JCP for just $8 & it's still on sale and comes in many different colors! (It is Junior's size.)

I added turquoise jewelry for a fun pop of color. All jewelry is from past seasons of Bijoux Boutique (my online jewelry shop). I have also worn this with a simple, gold pearl tassel necklace, for a more toned down look.

Love the pattern on these pants!
I also plan to pair these pants with a chambray button down this summer for a more casual look. JC Penney has great options for those as well, including this one I picked up last summer. It is on clearance now for just $6.99!

I paired these pants with heels for Church on Sunday, but I've also worn them with a simple black and gold pair of flats. Also, before spring arrived, I threw on a cropped, black shag vest to make it a little less springy.
What do you think? Will you try the palazzo pant trend this spring/summer? Next time you're shopping around, go ahead and try a pair on. You never know until you try it!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Outfits of the Week & Trip to the Flea Market

Outfits of the Week for April 7th - April 13th
Tuesday, April 8th
Jeans: {NY&CO} Top: {Marshall's} Tank: {Old Navy} Heels: {Payless} 
Necklace & Arm Candy: {Bijoux Boutique}

Wednesday, April 9th
Jeans: {NY&CO} Top: {Versona Accessories} Blazer: {Marshall's} Loafers: {Target, old} Floral Necklace: {Bijoux Boutique}

Friday, April 11th
Pastel Skinnies: {NY&CO, old} Chambray Button-Up: {Marshall's} Mint Top: {Gap, old} Blush Flats: {H&M} Lavender Arm Candy: {Bijoux Boutique} Necklace: {Galleries Lafayette, department store in Paris, France}
Saturday, April 12th
A trip to the flea market & a sneak pic of a soon to come outfit post.
We took Tucker to the flea market to walk around, see the sights, and enjoy some homemade ice cream! He was pooped about half an hour in and decided the shade outside of western wear tent was his new spot for napping. So we pretty much carried him around the rest of the time like a baby. And this is how he rode home, completely knocked out! So sweet!!!
Hold on, did I just saw sweet & Tucker in the same sentence?! He's not as innocent as he looks ya'll!
This is bed #3,459 he has destroyed during the 7 months we have had him. If anyone knows of a pet bed with a bottom made of steel let me know!

Caught in the Act! Yes, he eats the green fuzz! Hence, a new pet bed every time he does this!
Hope this serves as a little weekly fashion inspiration and a good laugh for your Monday!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Favorite Pins Friday: Jewelry Storage Edition

I have been married for over four months. Where the time went, I'm not sure because it feels like yesterday. A lot of people ask us how different it is being married? I don't know if it's because we dated for 8 years or because we've never been in a relationship with anyone else, but honestly, things aren't "that" different. Do we have to manage more responsibilities and combined household chores? Yes, and we do have our arguments and eventual compromises over these things. But, the one thing that did change, MY CLOSET!
If you can't tell I'm a fashion addict, a shoeholic, and a jewelry hoarder! The past few years, living with my sweet aunt afforded me an abundant walk in closet with plenty of room to fill. In the past year, starting a small jewelry boutique contributed to quite the collection of accessories (and I am not complaining)! But, know I have to SHARE a closet with the hubs and he has quite the clothing collection as well (and we didn't even bring all of our clothes with us, not even close). This one bedroom apartment is small as it is so the closet and clothing organization has been a challenge. Now that we are switching out spring clothes, I'm finding out just how big of a challenge.
So, I started thinking of some ways to eliminate the clutter and eventual frustration during those mornings when we are a little more rushed. I've been wanting to store my necklaces in a more cohesive way so that I can see all of them. Currently I have about five different jewelry displays scattered throughout the room. So I started searching Pinterest for one storage option for all of my necklaces. Here are some of the ideas I came across:
(This idea is from one of my favorite bloggers from Charlotte, NC. Click the link above to check out her blog)


This is the idea I decided to go with. There is the perfect spot inside our closet to hang the bar and necklaces.
Which idea is your favorite? Check back next week for a post on my DIY Jewelry Storage project!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Jumpsuit

While I've tried a short romper (mostly as a beach cover up and casual summer outfit), I have been wanting to try a long jumpsuit for a while.
This past Friday, I took the day to clean, get in a good workout, and most importantly write paper #34,578 of the semester (okay so I'm exaggerating but you get my point)! I actually wrote/finished/researched about 4 papers by the early afternoon and decided I was going to take a little trip to my newfound fave store!
I happened upon this amazing store, Versona Accessories, about a month or so ago when we were out on a dinner date. A foot in the door and my husband said, "Oh gosh! This is like your heaven isn't it." I didn't even respond, I was off, mesmerized by the gorgeous jewels, bright colorful patterns, and trendy pieces (and not to mention, the incredible prices).
I had told myself, my treat at the end of this semester would be a mini shopping spree at Versona. Well, that kinda happened a little earlier than planned. I went just "to look" (oh haven't we all) and to shop for a graduation outfit. I walked out with three pieces, one of those being a jumpsuit!
I hopped on Pinterest when I got home to see how some other Fashionistas have style their jumpsuits. Here's what I found:
*No source available

Love this simple pairing of bold, statement earrings.

I can't wait to show you how I style my new jumpsuit from Versona Accessories!

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