Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Little Glitter & Gold

Now that we live almost 9 hours away from home, any excuse we can find for a trip home is welcome in my book.
After thinking about it, and reflecting (which I rarely take time to do), I decided that I am going to walk in my Master's graduation ceremony. In the past two years I earned three degrees (two Bachelors, and one Master's) and have almost completed the first semester of my PhD program. On top of that, the husband and I got married, moved away, started new jobs, got a puppy, and much more. Sometimes, you just need to celebrate and this just happened to be a good reason to!
I didn't walk in my undergraduate ceremony because I immediately started my graduate program and took a trip overseas to London & Scotland. So I think it's time I slow down for a second and realize all I have accomplished.
I wanted to make sure all of our family were involved so I decided to create a little invitation on an online website to mail out. The ceremony is at Rupp Arena which holds 26K and is where the CATS play, so formal invitations weren't necessary. But I wanted to get everyone from our families together for lunch afterwards also.
I had ordered some stickers and other business stationary for my small business through Zazzle before and was always satisfied with their print quality. I decided to sit down this past weekend and design some graduation invitations. This turned out to be quite the challenge as I wasn't a senior graduating from high school trying to send out a collage of my senior portraits and I wasn't from the Class of 2014, as all of the templates seemed to shout. I eventually settled on this gorgeous invitation layout after creating a few different ones.
I wanted something simple yet fun, and glitzy. After all, I'm finally allowing myself to celebrate some of my accomplishments! I'm more excited about spending time and going to lunch with my family than the actual three hour ceremony for graduate and professional school students. But, it's an excuse to go home, see our family, get dressed up (maybe get a new dress ;) and design some fun invitations. I love these from Zazzle*.
*Note, this is NOT a sponsored post. I did not receive any of this for free. Zazzle probably has, and probably never will have, any idea that this little post is even out in the world wide web. These are simply my opinions.

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