Thursday, April 17, 2014

DIY: Jewelry Storage

Last Friday, I explained my dilemma for storing my statement necklaces and showed you a few of my favorite ideas for jewelry storage from Pinterest.
Today, I'm showing you what I came up with.
I found this bar at Walmart for under $15. Here is a link to it online: towel bar
It was an 18" towel bar, just big enough to hold all my jewels and fit in the perfect spot of our closet.

The perfect spot!

My sweet Trav hung the bar (after a little coaxing).

I then added lots of hooks. I had used these for scarf displays at my jewelry booth and can't remember where they were purchased from, but these from Walmart are similar.

I added 11 hooks to the bar (all that I had).

And voila! (I have too many necklaces, I know....)

I love the finished product!
Of course, my OCD had to organize it by color/finish. Overall, it allows me to see what I have much better than before.
If you want to try this project, all you need is the towel bar (under $15) and some shower curtain hooks (under $7). For about $20, you can complete this project in no time.

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  1. Hello from Show and Tell! I have been brainstorming new ideas for storing my jewelry. I love your tension rod because it is not only functional, easy to see, but also a cheerful grouping. Right now my jewelry is hung in clear shoe pockets and my necklaces get lost. Thanks so much for the tip!


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