Friday, April 18, 2014

Favorite Pins Friday: Fashion & Fitness Edition

It's Finally Friday! Favorite Pins Friday that is!
If you're new around here, FPF is where I share what is inspiring me lately on Pinterest. Usually it is fashion focused, but some days it might be the latest recipes or fitness workouts I've tried.
Today, I'm doing a little bit of both. Below are some of my favorite pins from the past week including fashion & fitness!

This outfit is a great transition from cooler weather to warmer, spring like weather. The white lace and bright pop of color in the clutch is perfect to bring in spring.

This look is from one of my favorite fashion bloggers! Tara over at Jimmy Choos & Tennis Shoes blog is so adorable! I discovered her (and her entire adorable family, including two other fabulous sisters and her mom who seriously all have a passion for fashion) on Instagram a little while ago. Her daughter has to be the chicest baby on earth! Anyways, check her out. She is FAB-U-LOUS!
Love this look from another fabulous blogger! This pairing of gingham and white says spring has arrived and summer is almost here! (P.S. the rules about no white until Easter and none after Labor Day have completely been thrown out the window!)

How gorgeous is this sequin number with stripes and hot pink to top it off?! This would be great in my book for Easter, graduation, a wedding, or anytime you just want to feel fabulous (that must be my word of the night...I'm going to stop counting how many times I've used it in this post alone!).
Recently, the hubs and I discovered we might have let ourselves go just a tiny bit! It seems like every year, about this time, you realize that bikini season is right around the corner! We've been hitting the gym pretty regularly for the past couple of weeks. I've been doing cardio plus some of the exercise circuits I found on Pinterest below:
Let me tell ya, that 30 second holding squat is no joke! I may have broke it up into 15 second intervals! Gotta start somewhere, right?

I incorporated a lot of these arm strengthening exercises into my current arm circuit. It definitely amped up the workout!
What's inspiring you this week?

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