Friday, April 11, 2014

Favorite Pins Friday: Jewelry Storage Edition

I have been married for over four months. Where the time went, I'm not sure because it feels like yesterday. A lot of people ask us how different it is being married? I don't know if it's because we dated for 8 years or because we've never been in a relationship with anyone else, but honestly, things aren't "that" different. Do we have to manage more responsibilities and combined household chores? Yes, and we do have our arguments and eventual compromises over these things. But, the one thing that did change, MY CLOSET!
If you can't tell I'm a fashion addict, a shoeholic, and a jewelry hoarder! The past few years, living with my sweet aunt afforded me an abundant walk in closet with plenty of room to fill. In the past year, starting a small jewelry boutique contributed to quite the collection of accessories (and I am not complaining)! But, know I have to SHARE a closet with the hubs and he has quite the clothing collection as well (and we didn't even bring all of our clothes with us, not even close). This one bedroom apartment is small as it is so the closet and clothing organization has been a challenge. Now that we are switching out spring clothes, I'm finding out just how big of a challenge.
So, I started thinking of some ways to eliminate the clutter and eventual frustration during those mornings when we are a little more rushed. I've been wanting to store my necklaces in a more cohesive way so that I can see all of them. Currently I have about five different jewelry displays scattered throughout the room. So I started searching Pinterest for one storage option for all of my necklaces. Here are some of the ideas I came across:
(This idea is from one of my favorite bloggers from Charlotte, NC. Click the link above to check out her blog)


This is the idea I decided to go with. There is the perfect spot inside our closet to hang the bar and necklaces.
Which idea is your favorite? Check back next week for a post on my DIY Jewelry Storage project!

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