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Our Wedding Day {Part 5}: The Reception

This is the last wedding post and what a fun one it is! Finally sharing some of my favorite moments from our reception.
The gorgeous cake by TheTwisted Sifter in Danville, KY. I knew I wanted a classic, southern, and traditional wedding cake. I brought in Pinterest inspiration and we created this beauty. The first tier was vanilla with buttercream filling, the second tier was chocolate cake with cookie filling, the third and top tier (for us to keep and eat on our one year anniversary) was my favorite: crème brulee cake, the fourth tear was strawberry champagne cake and filling. I knew I was going with this bakery as they came highly recommended. But the deal was sealed when I tasted their crème brulee cake at a bridal show and also when I heard their price. I have to be honest, I was terrified that with their reputation, they would be way out of my budget. They actually came in well under it, especially for such a large, complicated cake.
We went with buttercream frosting (I didn't want to sacrifice taste with fondant), pearl beading details, blush pink piping, a pearl monogram, and blush pink roses as the topper (thanks to my fabulous florist).

Travis picked out the flavor of his groom's cake but the theme was a no brainer for this diehard UK fan! We both are fans but he takes it to a whole 'nother level! This cake was Italian crème which contains walnuts and coconut. Not really my thing but I did taste it at the taste testing and it was delicious.
Now the worst part of the night: we didn't even have time to stop and eat a piece of our own wedding cake. We were too busy doing the wobble and what all else on the dance floor! That crème brulee cake I waited a whole year to devour: now frozen and I still have 8 more months, pending it still tastes good after being in the freezer for a year! If not, I will fully order one and have it shipped to NC! I must have crème brulee!
My flowers were GORG-EOUS!!! And I knew they would be. I splurged in this area for real flowers and for the best floral designer I know! A peer and friend from college, Jaclyn Journey who turned her passion into a career. You can check her out over on her website. She is fabulous!!!

Details from our sweetheart table where just the two of us sat for dinner.
I knew I wanted black and white anemones in the arrangements. They have been my favorite for years. We added in blush and white spray roses and mint leaves for the perfect romantic pairing!
The black letters I found at Hobby Lobby for a few dollars each. They now adorn our coffee table!
The faux mercury glass vases and votives were found a year before the wedding at Big Lots during their Christmas décor sale. Oh the adventures my mom, my groom, and myself took to gather enough for the wedding (32 in total). I think I visited every Big Lots in KY grabbing a few here and there (Danville, all Lexington and Louisville locations, Frankfort, and even Campbellsville and Lebanon)! But it was worth it to score these for about $5 each!

Our DJ offered the most romantic uplighting and this gorgeous monogram. When he originally asked us about the uplighting color I of course said pink. He advised me that it probably wouldn't show up well and said what about blue? I probably looked at him like he was crazy but boy did he know what he was talking about. It was the perfect romantic pairing with the pink and didn't really look blue at all!

Mr. & Mrs. Travis Allen McQuerry

My sweet dad giving the blessing for the meal. It meant so much to me that he got up in front of all of those people and did that.

Our sweetheart table.
The meal was delicious. I grew up a meat and potato gal, just like my dad, and needless to say, he had a big hand in picking the menu (hello, he was paying for it). He chose steak (of course) and we added chicken marsala, creamed corn, green beans, and baked potatoes. It was honestly, one of the best meals of my life! And I clearly ate way too much and spent the rest of the night pulling up my dress after I stretched it out ;)

I could probably write a book on this photo alone. You might say, why, on a picture of cokes? Well, neither Travis nor I partake in alcoholic beverages. Neither do either set of our parents. While the Bible does not say that "drinking" is a sin, it is very clear that drunkenness is. I will suffice it to say my motto is, "If you don't drink, you can't get drunk." Hence, why, for many reasons, we did not serve alcohol. I struggled with what to do for the toast that would be creative instead. I chose to go with old glass coke bottles and it turned out great.
For the toasts, the manager of the country club where we held our reception brought out sparkling grape juice. It was a nice touch also.
This is my bestest friend in the ENTIRE WORLD (besides the hubby of course)! Pretty sure God made us for each other. She gets my every thought before I even think of it. She sends me the sweetest snail mail with the best scripture and words of encouragement, and always at just the right time. I couldn't have done it without Tatum, my Maid of Honor. She truly is the best!

The groom's parents (my in-laws).

The shoe game! Our dj was the best. He adapted and read my mind about this game. It was taking longer than expected to get over 350 guests through the buffet line so he asked if we wanted to play a game to break it up. As he was describing the game, it was like he was reading my mind. I had meant to bring it up to him in previous meetings that I wanted to play this, but had forgotten. It honestly, was the best part of our reception (among many other things)!

Travis and his sweet mom.

My sweet friend Emily! We've been pals since I was old enough for her to put rollers in my hair and mascara on my eyelashes. She's been my trusty hairstylist since I was in elementary school, but officially since the day she finished her training. She has done my hair and makeup for every prom, photo shoot, fashion show, and anything else you can imagine. I can always trust her with my hair and makeup and she's never afraid to try any new trend I ask for. More than that, she's the sweetest gal and always listens to whatever is going on in my life and vice versa! I was blessed to get a similar photo with her at her wedding just a few months before this. I wouldn't have gotten through the day without her! (She also did the bridesmaids, flower girls, and my mom's hair, along with her friend Jessica.)

My parents, who made this whole day possible and gave their little girl the wedding of her dreams (within reason). I will never forget, my dad comparing the cost of this big event by saying, "I could buy a tractor for that." Oh the thoughts of a farmer. Gotta love him.

Cutting the cake.

The first dance.

This pretty much sums up my relationship with my dad. Always cracking jokes (that are never funny) and laughing at them anyways. We're not much on showing sappy emotions but I love my dad more than he will ever know! I have looked up to him in more ways than he probably realizes!

The mother and son dance. This was such a touching moment as well.
Well, I think that's it in the way of wedding posts. I could probably right a book about my entire experience!  I hope you have enjoyed! It could not have been more perfect!

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