Monday, April 7, 2014

Outfits of the Week

And yet another Monday has arrived! But the CATS are goin' to the ship, WHAT?! So in my book, this is a fabulous Monday!
With it, comes lots of deadlines for grad school but also one less day left in the semester. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Here are a few of my outfits from last week.
I participated in a few different Instagram challenges, not one specific one consistently. I like the freedom and creativity that allows me!

I had to wear blue & white after my team advanced to the Final Four!
Jeans (old) ~ Top (old) ~ Necklace ~ Flats (Spain)

This jacket might be favorite in my entire closet but it doesn't get nearly as much wear as it should. The pattern and colors are sometimes hard to pair with a lot of different things. I try to stick to a neutral cream top underneath. This lace one is my favorite pairing so far.

Jacket (found at Clothes Mentor) ~ Top ~ Jeans ~ Necklace ~ Flats (Wal-Mart, these were my wedding reception shoes)

Casual Softball Game Outfit
The hubs is playing softball with his company team. Little Tucker and I went out and supported them during their first game this week.

I participated in my first Instagram Coast to Coast Challenge for RaceyLacey this past week. This was my take on lace.

Cardigan (old) ~ Lace Top ~ Jeans (old) ~ Flats (old) ~ Necklace

Hope this gives you a little bit of outfit inspiration for the week!

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