Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Castle

As a little girl, Beauty & The Beast was my favorite movie (just as my mom who probably watched it over 100 times). The whimsy of being open to explore a gorgeous castle and discovering a library full of thousands of books always captivated me. Maybe that's where my love for reading and learning started to appear.
A few minutes away from my hometown and just outside of Lexington, Kentucky is a real life castle. The stories about its history all differ in some ways but it has recently been turned into a bed and breakfast where the public can pay to stay (for a pretty steep price versus your regular Holiday Inn). Never would we have had the opportunity to stay or been able to justify it except for the night of our wedding, as it was a hop and a skip from the airport to catch our flight the next morning.
The castle was gorgeous and we were free to explore it as late as we wanted. The breakfast the next morning was absolutely delicious. I felt like Belle as there was no one around. We saw one staff member during our entire stay. It was like the staff were invisible and hidden.
Here are a few pictures from our stay at The Castle Post:
Our first married selfie.
(Looking at this picture, I'm now shooting myself for cutting off my hair!)

Private Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast Room



Christmas Decorations in the Study


A little ice storm overnight...hello delayed flights!

Staircase in the Foyer

As close to Santa's lap as I could get.

Trav playing a little pool.
Overall, I would definitely stay here again. Uh, DUH! Who wouldn't?! Maybe for an anniversary?

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