Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jazzy June Style Challenge

A couple of weeks ago or so, the creative part of my brain started spinning and I decided to create my very own, very first, personalized style challenge. If you are part of the Instagram community and have ever posted a photo with the hashtags #ootd or #wiw then you are aware of the many style challenges out there. There is the #styleme____ (fill in the blank for whatever month it is), the #pinneditandidit/#pinspiration challenges, and the recent Marvelous May Style Challenge, that Curvy Girl on the Run created for this past month.
While I have enjoyed participating in all of these challenges, by the second week my busy lifestyle, work environment (lab research assistant), and lack of having the "perfect" clothes for that day's inspiration keep me from fully participating. So I decided to create my own style challenge for myself (and anyone else who wants to join in, of course) based upon looks I knew I could already create within my closet. Some of these inspirations are still a stretch for me and my closet, but I am hoping to think "outside the box." While I won't be wearing most of these on the actual day (again, lab assistant....think sweaty, dirty, protective apparel testing), I will be doing an outfit post or layout for each theme.
This challenge is first and foremost, for me. To explore my closet further and take notice of what is already there. I don't plan on doing any shopping during this challenge but I'm not putting any restrictions on myself. For example, I left every pair of sandals to my name back in Kentucky, except for the oh so flattering Rainbow flip flops (now won't those look great with a flashy outfit)! As I see gaps in my summer wardrobe, I may make bargain purchases as needed (or wanted ;).
If you want to join in, that would make me oh so happy, but if not, I completely understand! Maybe this will inspire you for a couple of days or the whole month. Maybe this will encourage you to make your own personalized style challenge. Either way, I hope the photo alone brightens your day!

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