Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Leeds, York & Manchester ~ Textiles Summit 2014

I recently traveled to England for a Textiles Conference between five major textiles universities from across the world. I presented my current research project and learned all about other areas of research being conducted within the industry. It wasn't all academics though...the conference had some fun down time in the evenings. The first night was a musical presentation from the School of Music and the second night was Karaoke! I'm happy to say I participated and oh how I wish the Backstreet Boys really were coming back!
Here are a few photos from my travels and the sights I saw:
Leeds University, Textile Summit Conference 2014

Sorry for the blurry pic...the entryway of the Royal Armouries

Royal Armory, Game of Thrones much?!

Apparently Knights don't smile...or so said my friends who took this picture...Whoops!

The National Rail Museum of England

Yes, that's right! You're looking at THE Hogwarts Express from the Harry Potter Movies (I'm not a huge fan or anything...)

The pub where we had lunch on our way to York!

York Minster! Dare I say it was more breathtaking than Westminster Abbey in London!

View from the top of the York Minster Tower! After 300 steps in a winding tower stairwell! Somewhere out there is Edinburgh, Scotland!

The English countryside after lunch.
Shambles Street in York...Diagon Alley much? (For those Harry Potter fans...)

Halfway up the tower to the top of York Minster.
This was my third trip to the U.K. but my first outside of Scotland/London. It was great to see some non-commercialized English countryside!

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