Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cato Fashion Favorites

Almost 9 months ago my husband and I got married and moved 9 hours away to Raleigh for me to pursue my PhD. Let's just say the shopping options within a mile of our apartment in Raleigh are far more than what you can find within 30 miles of our small hometown in Kentucky. A few years ago however, I discovered there was one southern fashion chain that had really come a long way. If you've been around the blog, you know my love for Versona Accessories, which I discovered here in Raleigh. Turns out, the same company that owns them also owns Cato Fashions, which actually has a location in my hometown in Kentucky.
Cato Fashions, in the past few years, has really stepped up their style. They started following the most recent trends and you absolutely CANNOT beat their prices. Especially their deep discounts. I rarely purchase anything full price, unless I absolutely can't live without it. Usually, the same items will be marked down a week later, and marked down again a few days after that.
As I prepare for our next trip home over Labor Day, I've done a little research on some pieces I'm hoping to find in store, and maybe even at a discount. But the best news? You can shop Cato Fashions online! I'm waiting for the same thing to occur at Versona so I can pre-shop online. But until then, Catos is the next best thing for online browsing.
Here are some of my favorites, and you won't believe the prices! Click the picture or links below and go see for yourself!!!

Cato Favorites

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