Friday, August 15, 2014

FPF: Transitions

I don't know about you but Fall seems to be lingering in the air? I'm divided on this issue however. I long for summer to last and find it hard to believe that it has already come to an end (it is painful just to type those words...I promise). Lately, it seems like everywhere I look, on every fashion blog and Instagram post, there seems to be frenzy over fall fashion. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE Fall Fashion! It's my favorite time of year and my favorite wardrobe. I mean fashion is fall and fall is fashion. But, let's not wish our lives, or our summer looks away just yet.
Here in Raleigh, the temps are going to be scorching well into September. I don't plan on pulling out my chilly weather wardrobe until at least October. So hang with me! I'm planning to share some of my favorite summer outfits on the blog this week, one last time. For now, here are some of my favorite pins this week and yes, it includes everything from summer brights to fall burgandys so enjoy this little (or big) transition:





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