Monday, August 4, 2014

Target Style


{Maxi Skirt, similar} {Tee} {Gladiator Sandals} {Necklace: Bijoux Boutique, old}
This outfit is head-to-toe all thanks to Target {minus the bubble necklace}. I decided to take a day off last week since I had worked the weekend (hello sweating manikin testing...sheeeweee).
Unfortunately, our pool was down for "cleaning and maintenance" (aka a child spilled his digested dinner in the pool the night before...yuck!). I was happy to allow maintenance to do their necessary cleaning but I didn't want to be stuck inside all day. So naturally I thought, "Let's go to Target!".
We live about 0.001 miles from Target...I'm not joking. I could walk in less than a minute. Surprisingly, I don't make too many purchases there other than routine groceries every now and then. I try not to allow myself to venture off into the clothing and accessories. But this day, I decided I would take a "peek" around "just to look." 5 minutes later I had an entire basket (yes, I had to go grab a basket mid-shop) full of skirts, t-shirts, clearance rack tops, and kimonos. I finally came to my senses and realized this was not all going to happen.
What did come home with me you ask? This versatile black/white striped maxi and the mustard colored tee above, along with a beautiful kimono that I've saved for another post. I had almost forgotten how great Target's clothes are. Sometimes they miss the mark, but most of the time they really do hit the trend right on the head? And you can't beat the prices. Each piece was under $20, so if that specific trend isn't around next season?...hello Clothes Mentor or Goodwill. So, thank you Target! For turning my wash of a pool day upside down!!

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