Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Trend Spin Linkup: Stripes & Leopard

Let me just say, I know these pictures aren't exactly the bomb.com. They were taken one night last week after work and a 2 hour volunteer training at work. Then we proceeded to feast ourselves on a large steak dinner, all before taking photos in a striped dress at night. Needless to say these are the best visually nor are they the most flattering. But, I love this outfit and it fits perfectly with this week's Trend Spin Linkup of stripes (I did not plan this...I swear!)
I've had this dress hanging in my closet for a couple of years now. I picked it up on one of my European travels at H&M. Unfortunately, I forget about it a lot of times and I had certainly forgot how flattering the fit can be. I paired this dress with my leopard bow flats from Marshalls (because leopard is a neutral..duh!) I've had these flats for Yeearrs...we're talking I can't even remember when I purchased them. Sometime in late high school/early college? So between 4 and 6 years ago. I've gotten a lot of wear out of them and they still look brand new. For $30 they've been an absolute steal!
This gorgeous gold-studded crossbody was a gift from my fianc√©'s aunt and uncle at Christmas this past year. Clearly, his aunt knows my style! I wear this on the weekends with just about anything. (It's currently 30% off at Francesca's Collections...click the link above and it will take you right to it ;) The neutral tan works all year long and the pop of gold gives it some pazzaz (yep I just used that word...)
Also, p.s. I spent an hour (yes, that's right...an hour) trying to get the perfect "waves" that weren't too curly or tight. Silly me...all I had to do was curl it tight and walk out in the hot, humid North Carolina air and voila. So at this point, my hair has completely deflated to the correct "I woke up like this" wavy look. Thanks humidity but you could have kept the frizz!
Check back tomorrow for my What I Wore Wednesday series: part dos!


  1. You look great! Don't apologize for having worked and volunteered first. You look fab. No one would have known.... And congrats: you didn't spill any steak-sauce on your dress! That's an accomplishment for sure!!! :)
    xox, Crystelle

    1. Thanks for reading Crystelle! And yes, that was definitely an accomplishment!

  2. You look absolutely fabulous ! Love the outfit


  3. Such a cute dress and love your bag!!


  4. The black dress lace , in the whole party, was enough of a dream come true to permanently lodge itself in the minds and hearts of people across the party. This dress was everything it should have been.


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