Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday: Pastel Lace

Guess what?! It's...HUMP Day! I don't know about you but I look forward to Wednesdays. It seems like the week flies by after Wednesday. I wanted to give my readers, and myself, something else to look forward to so I'm starting a new series called "What I Wore Wednesdays." I will probably switch up the format based upon my school/work schedule and for the sake of keeping things interesting. This week I'm featuring a single outfit that I literally wore for 12 hours straight (work, grocery store, cooking dinner) before taking these photos (so don't judge)! This is a more realistic view of my everyday wardrobe as a PhD student trying to stay fashionable.

{Cardigan, similar} {Lace Tank} {Jeans, similar} {Flats, similar} {Necklace, Bijoux Boutique, old}
For me, a great pair of pants, a tank and cardigan are go to staples for my current collegiate wardrobe. I add a statement necklace depending upon my agenda for the day: testing & physical labor = no jewelry; data analysis & writing = a cute statement necklace and/or bracelet. The area I work in is semi-business casual. I work with other Master's and PhD students and we all have our own style. Most wear jeans, and I do regularly as well, and t-shirts. I'm not really a jeans and t-shirt gal so I go for fancier tops instead. On days that we have team meetings or I am meeting with a professor, I am sure to wear black or navy pants instead of jeans or colored denim. I just feel more polished, professional and comfortable in that setting.
I'm hoping this series becomes a regular outlet for my day-to-day work week outfits. Some days will be more fabulous than others. Other days, will be what most of us in the fashion blogger world might deem as "plain" but hey, it's reality. I will still post outfits featuring my favorite trends of the season and my typical weekend wear. But on Wednesdays, I will be sharing my true "Academic Accessories."

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