Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fall Trend Alert: Bucket Bags

Bucket Bags

Juicy couture handbag / Michael kors purse / Navy purse / Rose purse / Leather handbag / Old Navy crossbody purse / Old Navy crossbody purse

Bucket Bags, have you seen them? I noticed the trend earlier this spring/summer and have had my eye on that navy one above from Target. But through my research for the blog, I found the tan and green ones from Old Navy above which are actually a few dollar less than the Target one. In my opinion, the Old Navy brand looks more expensive and of better quality. I hope to grab one with some of my birthday cash this week!!

I expect this bag trend will really pick up this fall/winter season and the rich leather colors of fall look great with this style. What do you think of the bucket bag? Is it functional? Have you or will you try it?


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