Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Palazzo Pants & Life Lately

I fell in love with these fabulous palazzo pants as soon as I laid eyes on them back in late summer. They are the perfect fabric for late summer months and the pattern takes you well on in to fall. Plus, I feel like I never stepped out of my pajamas, but in a put together, chic kind-of way!
I've gotten a bit behind on blogging with school work and such lately but the good news: we're over half way through with another semester! So exciting! Not that I want to rush my life away but it's so nice to know that one day, soon, I will finally have accomplished one of the biggest goals (among many others) in my life: to complete my PhD! Anyways, here are a few Instagram/Iphone pics from the past month or so:

Finally got some wedding pics canvassed and hung up!

Finally got a wedding album designed and ordered and it is fabulous! Also scored this poster, which is now chilling on our fridge for the moment until I find a frame, for Free!

Hallelujah! After 2 months, I finally got these bad boys back! Thanks to a missing stone my rings had to be shipped off while they sourced a diamond that was the perfect match. Those guys are so tiny but when one is missing you can really tell! They also re-dipped them for me (apparently you're supposed to do this around once a year...mine were 4 years old and it had never been done) and they look brand spankin' new!

I splurged for my birthday and got this fabulous fashionista planner for 2015! Already putting academic conference dates in it.

North Carolina is truly beautiful (I feel like I'm cheating on Kentucky by saying this but that's certainly not what I mean)! This is right in the heart of Raleigh at Lake Johnson.

Gah! This cutie! I can't even....

Dinner Date Night

Oh don't mind me taking a selfie in the chem lab while I'm refilling the billionth gallon of distilled water for my testing. When a girl has a good naturally curly hair day, she's gotta document it!

The sunset leaving work on one of those later testing nights. So beautiful! God is Mighty!

My favorite combo with my camo vest! Can't go wrong with plaid anything in my opinion.

You might remember this Target Kimono from an earlier blog post this summer. It is transitioning well into Fall! These easy layers are perfect for those lab days when I'm working in a 95 degree chamber dressing a 70lb manikin with about 80lbs worth of gear. My sweat marks are no joke...the kimono does wonders for covering those up and is easy to pull off and on.

This look was inspired by a #pinneditspinnedit challenge from October 13th. As soon as I saw the prompt I knew exactly how I would spin it and it made for an easy Monday morning outfit.
Well that is all...(hope you're reading my sarcasm here). Hopefully I won't be so absent this next go around!

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