Thursday, October 30, 2014

McQuerry Adventures: Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend, Travis and I visited the North Carolina State Fair for the very first time. We've heard lots of things about how great the NC State Fair is (supposedly the biggest in the country) but until we went and experienced it, I had no idea just what everyone was talking about.

A Ferris Wheel made completely of balloons inside the exhibition hall.

Our first fried fair food experience (other than a funnel cake). He had the fried Twinkie & I had fried Oreos. One word: Heaven. They had a new special this year, the Twinx. Think a Twixx stuffed Twinkie wrapped in bacon and deep fried. I'm just fine with my Oreos thanks!

This was so funny! Travis said, "Hey, there's your buns!" Lolololol! #wehavenicebunsandwecannotlie Seriously, I have the best maiden name ever!

Then we tried a Turkey leg. I don't know what these turkey's are eating because...did you see the size of that thing? Anyways, I partook in some too and it was also delicious. I had roasted sweet corn (not pictured) and it was amazing...I'm a corn on the cob fanatic!
Did you see the size of that pumpkin? Yeah, well, it wasn't even the biggest one (see below).

Yeah, that's a 1400 lb. pumpkin photobombing our selfie rude!

One of the neat acts/actors we saw...and the only one I cared to photograph. Crazy, impersonator Elvis juggling on a two-story unicycle...not so much.

To top off the night, we caught a Parmalee concert. The tickets were pretty cheap and they're from right here in NC.
Overall, it was a great time with my husband. I love doing new things with him and it is so fun to discover all that Raleigh, the Triangle, and North Carolina have to offer. We don't know where God will lead us next, but in the mean time, we want to soak up our surroundings!

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