Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tweed Jumper

You guys!!! I cannot handle the amount of cuteness in the photo above...and no, I'm not referring to myself! This little guy is so special to the hubs and I. He is sooo spoiled! Wanna know how spoiled? He cries every time we step out the door to snap a few pics for the blog. So I decided he could participate yesterday. Clearly, we're not the reason he's spoiled or anything! So enjoy your little dose of Tucker!

<That FACE!!> hehehe....We need to work on his camera readiness!

Outfit Details:
The color palette in this outfit is taking me back to our wedding! The black and white with the soft, blush pink brings back wonderful memories of this time last year. The wedding showers were just starting, the crazy planning was starting to come to a close (kinda) and the realization that we were finally getting married after almost 8 years of dating hit us. Now back to the outfit...this is such an easy, comfortable look. I wore this to church and it was perfect for watching babes in the nursery while still looking polished during service.
I love this cute tweed jumper I snagged online after Christmas a few years ago for just $10! I did the same with the Loft tunic and unfortunately, they sent the wrong size. It worked perfectly however as the extra length makes it the perfect flowy tunic and the neutral cream means it gets a lot of wear in the cooler months.

On September 28th, we celebrated one year of Tucker as a McQuerry. We did not adopt Tucker but we sure were lucky to find this guy after an unfortunate turn of events. He has been such a blessing from God and a constant through the roller coaster that was the last year.

We love this guy so much, we threw $15 in the trash to buy yet another toy that was demolished in under an hour!

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