Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll!


Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll! I hope your day is filled with lots of Turkey, Pumpkin pie, and most importantly, family time! We are back in Kentucky for the weekend and after 3 long months, I am so excited!

I found this plaid poncho at Cato Fashions while out shopping with my Mom on Labor Day. I immediately knew it would be the perfect holiday (Thanksgiving & Christmas) sweater. It's comfortable, on trend, & roomy for all those extra servings on the holidays ;). Here, I paired it with a long cream top & cowboy boots. I've styled it a couple of different ways and will show those on the blog hopefully soon!

Enjoy your afternoon turkey hangover nap!! And good luck shopping if you're one of the crazies like me heading out for the Black Friday deals!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday: Garth Brooks Concert

Last night, my husband finally got to see Garth Brooks live & hear his favorite song ever: Rodeo! We were so glad Garth & Trisha made a stop in NC!  I grew up listening to country music and loved hearing so many classics from my childhood. It was the BEST concert either one of us has ever been to.
I wanted to get all dressed up but it's freezing down here so a dress & boots were out! I threw on a plaid top with my faux fur & called it a "country music going" outfit with my boots. So these boots ya'll...they are the furthest thing from "real" cowgirl boots (anybody counting how many times I've used quotes so far?...geez).
I scored these beauts back in high school (way back...) at Payless for little of nothing. Now, I know all about boots. I have a pair that I work on the farm in back in Kentucky. Those however, are not your fancy "schmancy" high heel cowboy boots. They're work boots...for people who actually work on a farm. I cannot justify paying tons of $$$ for cowboy boots when I'm hardly ever working on the farm anymore (insert sad face...I miss putting out hay and checking on cows) and they're just not practical. If you're actually working on a farm, you're not in fancy dress boots, you're wearing work boots...just saying. So these boots are pretty much my favorite knock off, cost me little to nothing, dressy cowgirl boots!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pardon My French

This was the perfect weekend errand running outfit! I snagged this sweater at Forever 21 last fall but haven't worn it much. It's not something I feel is work appropriate so unless it's Saturday, it's not really an option. I paired these pieces together to run some errands with my husband that included lunch at the mall, craft supply shopping, and a little Christmas shopping sprinkled in here and there. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Christmas Crafts: Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

A few weeks ago I found this YouTube tutorial on Pinterest for a tomato cage Christmas Tree using deco mesh. It is our first Christmas in our apartment as newlyweds and I want to make it as special as possible! I also love to craft and this seemed like a neat project. It provided much needed stress relief from school work and the end product is a cute Christmas tree!

The Pinterest tutorial end product:

Here are the supplies I used to create my own Deco Mesh Christmas Tree:
-1, 33" tomato cage (hard to find this time of year but after multiple tries I found a few left at Lowe's and bought 2!)
-1, 21" green metallic deco mesh roll (Hobby Lobby)
-2, 30' rolls of ribbon of your choice (Hobby Lobby)
-1 pencil garland (Hobby Lobby)
-whimsical tree stuffer as topper (Hobby Lobby)
-scotch tape
1. Tape the top stakes of tomato cage together using scotch tape. The tutorial calls for zip ties or others say duct tape, but I found scotch tape to work just as easily and I already had some on hand.
2. Start working the pencil garland around the cage starting at the bottom. Attach to cage as you work your way up and around until you reach the top.
3. Cut deco mesh in even length strips. I used a much wider roll than what the tutorial called for so I cut the strips in half and doubled them up. It was more work but resulted in the same look.
4. Double up the deco mesh strips and ruffle them together in the middle (see tutorial). Secure to pencil garland. Do this in all areas where pencil garland is and fill in holes using floral wire or pipe cleaners.
5. Cut 12" strips of ribbon in your desired colors/patterns. I used two different ribbons: a candy cane stripe & and a multi-colored glitter stripe. Attach using pencil garland and add in other areas to fill in using floral wire or pipe cleaners.
6. Fluff your tree where needed to get as much coverage as possible. Add your topper. It could be a big bow with long streamers of ribbon or a decorative spray like I added. I originally bought 4-5 different sprays all for this one tree but one large one was perfect on its own.
Here's my finished product:
I think it turned out pretty well for my first attempt at making one! I came across a second tomato cage deco mesh tutorial that uses a different technique. I'm hoping to make that one with my second cage.
You could do this with any color deco mesh and any accessories that you wanted. You could add ornaments or make one of these for any holiday! You can buy various sizes of tomato cages also. I think these would be great in kids rooms. It's something they could help with and pick out and decorate themselves.
So what do you think? Have you seen these/made them before? I would love to see your pictures if you try it!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Knit Poncho + Chambray


This is the perfect comfy fall outfit, especially for running errands on the weekend! I threw this layered look on to make the long haul to our nearest Hobby Lobby. I looked put together and chic while feeling like I never left my pajamas. The poncho has really made a comeback this fall season and has been a staple in my wardrobe for many years. I'm glad to see its resurgence and it leaves me wishing I hadn't gotten rid of all those hot pink and printed ponchos from my high school years. Fashion always has a way of repeating itself.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Comfy Casual Style

Comfy Casual Style

I recently had a friend on Instagram inquire about comfortable clothing that still makes you feel put together. For a lot of women, whether you're running errands on a Saturday or a SAHM, it's a constant battle between feeling comfortable and looking nice. Well, I'm here to tell you, it doesn't have to be so!

You can find lots of great pieces that are casual, comfortable, and that pack a big style punch! All of the items above are from one store: Cato Fashions which is a small fashion store chain in the southeast. I chose this store: 1. because I love it; 2. because it's affordable; and 3. because it's convenient for my friend and a lot of my readers.

I created four looks pictured above. Either of them can be dressed down (while at home) or dressed up (for when you go in public and don't want to look like you really have been in your pj's all day although we all know we have!). It all starts with the basics like a soft pair of tapered jogger pants or pointe black leggings and a tank top. To feel more put together, build upon this foundation by adding a layover, cardigan, piko top, and some accessories. A bright pop of color in a pair of flats or a chunky statement necklace say, "yes, I put a lot of thought into this." When really, all you have to do is through them on as you're heading out the door.

Some popular trends that lend themselves to a comfy casual stylish vibe at the moment are jogger pants (gray and green pictured above), lace sweatshirts (also shown above), chunky knit cardigans, piko (oversized) tops in soft fabrics and bright colors, and fun statement jewelry.

If this is something you struggle with in your day-to-day routine (and let's be honest, who doesn't?!), then keep these items in mind next time you're out "looking around." I tend to drift towards statement, dressy pieces which look gorgeous hanging in my closet and the one time per season I actually have an appropriate occasion to wear them to. But, I forget about the basics and oftentimes don't want to spend the money to invest in a simple black tee or pair of nice leggings. I'm realizing, however, that they are worth it. Once you have a great basic foundation, it's so easy to add trendy layers that keep you comfortable and stylish at the same time!

So to my special friend, I hope this helps, and to all of my other readers, I know this is valuable to each and everyone of us. For more reading on comfortable clothing, check out this blog post by Cupcakes & Cashmere a couple of weeks ago here. While the price points on these items are RIDICULOUS, at least in my world, the principles are the same.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The McQuerry's

This past weekend, we had some pictures taken for our first year of marriage. My friend Ariel, who I met at a high school basketball camp many years ago, happens to be from the Raleigh-Durham area and is a super talented photographer. Some of her latest blog posts are amazing! She is currently based out of Charlotte, NC. Check her website out here. Her ability to capture light is fantastic! We are super pleased with how they turned out. Here are a few of our favorites below:

The McQuerry's : 2014 : Travis, Meredith & Tucker

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Decor Haul

Halloween is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays, especially to decorate for! I found almost all of the items pictured below on Halloween night at Marshall's! And for just $30!
 I had spotted this lace glitter pumpkin when they first put them on the shelves in early September. If I remember correctly it was around $25-$35. What did I score it for? $2.50!!! It was hanging out all by its lonesome on the clearance table. It has a small tear in the lace in the back but other than that it's in perfect condition. There was no tag or sticker attached but a random $2.50 tag was laying next to it so they gave it to me for that!

The two signs, "Enter at your own risk" and the black square Halloween word print, were just $5 each! And that fabulous printed mirror that will take center stage on my mantle one day? Just $8!

I also scored a lot of crafty paper good from scrapbook sheets and stickers to treat boxes and food labels. These goodies were all between 0.70 cents and $2.00!

These last two items, the placemats and skull towels, I actually found at Ross a couple of weeks before for just $4 a piece.

I'm sad to put away my Halloween décor but excited for all my goodies to display next year. And I may or may not have already started purchasing Christmas décor!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

What I Wore: October 2014

Below is a roundup of what I wore on the blog this past month. I don't know where October went but bring on the Holidays and the end of another semester!







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