Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Decor Haul

Halloween is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays, especially to decorate for! I found almost all of the items pictured below on Halloween night at Marshall's! And for just $30!
 I had spotted this lace glitter pumpkin when they first put them on the shelves in early September. If I remember correctly it was around $25-$35. What did I score it for? $2.50!!! It was hanging out all by its lonesome on the clearance table. It has a small tear in the lace in the back but other than that it's in perfect condition. There was no tag or sticker attached but a random $2.50 tag was laying next to it so they gave it to me for that!

The two signs, "Enter at your own risk" and the black square Halloween word print, were just $5 each! And that fabulous printed mirror that will take center stage on my mantle one day? Just $8!

I also scored a lot of crafty paper good from scrapbook sheets and stickers to treat boxes and food labels. These goodies were all between 0.70 cents and $2.00!

These last two items, the placemats and skull towels, I actually found at Ross a couple of weeks before for just $4 a piece.

I'm sad to put away my Halloween décor but excited for all my goodies to display next year. And I may or may not have already started purchasing Christmas décor!

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