Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday: Garth Brooks Concert

Last night, my husband finally got to see Garth Brooks live & hear his favorite song ever: Rodeo! We were so glad Garth & Trisha made a stop in NC!  I grew up listening to country music and loved hearing so many classics from my childhood. It was the BEST concert either one of us has ever been to.
I wanted to get all dressed up but it's freezing down here so a dress & boots were out! I threw on a plaid top with my faux fur & called it a "country music going" outfit with my boots. So these boots ya'll...they are the furthest thing from "real" cowgirl boots (anybody counting how many times I've used quotes so far?...geez).
I scored these beauts back in high school (way back...) at Payless for little of nothing. Now, I know all about boots. I have a pair that I work on the farm in back in Kentucky. Those however, are not your fancy "schmancy" high heel cowboy boots. They're work boots...for people who actually work on a farm. I cannot justify paying tons of $$$ for cowboy boots when I'm hardly ever working on the farm anymore (insert sad face...I miss putting out hay and checking on cows) and they're just not practical. If you're actually working on a farm, you're not in fancy dress boots, you're wearing work boots...just saying. So these boots are pretty much my favorite knock off, cost me little to nothing, dressy cowgirl boots!

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