Monday, December 8, 2014

Celebrating our First Wedding Anniversary: The Biltmore

Saturday morning we woke up early, packed our stuff in the car, and dropped Tucker off at the vet for a day full of grooming and his first overnight boarding ever! Not gonna lie, Travis and I both were worried about leaving him with people we didn't know. Even though we love the vet and it's the best possible option, we were a little nervous for sure. Then we were off to Asheville, NC to see the Biltmore at Christmas time!

We had tickets for the candlelight Christmas tour of the home that evening around 9pm but we headed straight to the estate to see it in the daytime and explore the shops, village, winery and farm. We had a blast even in the pouring down rain! We had lunch at the bakery/café and then explored the little shops by the house.

I snapped this pic in one of the little shops. This was in the confectionary where my love for chocolate and bright colored, glitzy Christmas decorations all came together in one space! We decided to purchase a couple of peanut butter and chocolate smoothies as a snack. They were delicious! So much so, that we went back for more that evening before our candlelight tour!

After exploring around the house, we drove down to Antler Hill Village and Winery. We went through a couple of exhibits and toured the farm as well. Then it came a huge downpour about the time we needed to leave to go check in at the hotel. We ran through the rain with our little umbrella and got totally soaked. Thankfully we had enough time back at the hotel to clean up before leaving for dinner. We found the one and only steak place around, a Texas Roadhouse, and had a lovely dinner. It was no Ruth's Chris but it was delicious and right across from the entrance to the estate.

After dinner we headed back to Biltmore for our candlelight Christmas house tour.

This was the entrance to the estate right off the highway decorated for Christmas and all lit up at night.

The outdoor Christmas tree lit up in front of the home.

Travis worked hard for this picture and it was all his idea. I was trying to snap a photo from the bridge that captured the whole scene but the tree was blocking it. I turn around and he has run up this huge hill, in the pitch black dark, but oh was it worth it?! I think this is frame worthy!

He also snapped this one in between the lit up Christmas trees outside of the house. And he says he's not creative!

Our attempt at a selfie in front of the outdoor Christmas tree. Not enough light but oh well!
Once we snapped all of the outdoor pics we wanted (none are allowed!) we went back to the little shops because it was pretty chilly outside and they were less crowded than they had been earlier that day. I really wanted to get an ornament to commemorate our trip celebrating our first anniversary. They had a little Christmas shop set up where I found both of these:
A Biltmore specific, snowflake ornament.

I also fell in love with this cute little Santa ornament!


Travis returned from the vet on Sunday with Tucker and this beautiful Pandora charm for our one year wedding anniversary. I love my Pandora bracelet. Not because it has a lot of fancy charms, but because every single one has been handpicked by Travis and symbolizes a part of our life and accomplishments we've made together. This one might be my most favorite one yet!
This past year has absolutely been the best one of my life. Living every single day with my best friend makes even the mundane tasks more enjoyable. I can't wait to see what 2015 holds for us!


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