Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Well hello there friends! Sorry for the brief blogging pause, between Thanksgiving break, finals, and my research I've spent any extra minute of time doing nothing but mindless reality TV watching. But, I wanted to recap our Thanksgiving Break trip home before I forget all of the details!

It was a jampacked, fun-filled, four days in Kentucky. I think I appreciated this trip so much more because we hadn't been home in 3 months!

{This post isn't fashion related and probably isn't that exciting to most of you, but it is for me to preserve the fond memories of our first married Thanksgiving together!}

We had originally decided to wait and drive home early Wednesday morning but our jitters to get on home and Travis' desire to go duck hunting with his cousin meant he needed Wednesday morning to scope out ponds and prep his hunting stuff. So we headed out Tuesday night, like usual, driving through the night until 2:30 or 3:00am. Traffic was pretty heavy coming out of Raleigh but Tucker was much better this time! Granted he rides in my lap the whole way, but he slept and laid still the majority of the way (counting my blessings).

Wednesday morning Trav got up early and headed out to get his hunting license and waterfowl permit. I headed to my parents house to see my Mom, Dad and brother! Did you catch that last one? brother! Who I haven't seen for periods longer than a few hours since last Christmas! Clay and I had talked about seeing a movie over the phone a few days before so we went for the Hunger Games matinee (it's becoming a tradition as we did the same thing last Thanksgiving) and our parents joined in. It was hilarious because they had no idea what the Hunger Games even was and it was the third movie! We all enjoyed each other's company, a soda, and movie popcorn...which is always the best!!

After the movie, we swung by and picked up Trav and my grandparents and headed to the hospital in Lexington. Unfortunately, my aunt had a terrible accident at work a few days before and is quite lucky to be alive. She is fine for now, but it will be a long road to recovery. Not the ideal place for a Thanksgiving gathering, but we made the best of it. We took my grandparents out to Red Lobster afterwards and surprisingly, I tried quite a few seafood options (if you know know how rare it is for me to try something new) and I actually liked a couple of them, especially the salmon.

I wore what turned out to be my favorite Thanksgiving outfit on Wednesday which is a shocker because I changed clothes at least 8,864 times that morning. Having a second closet full of clothes back home is a blessing as well as a hindrance because....TOO MANY OPTIONS! Anyways, this is what I settled on:

Thanksgiving morning, my crazy husband who was running on a total of 4 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours, got up long before the crack of dawn to go duck hunting on my parents farm. He had a great time though and texted me this photo shortly after sunrise:

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention it SNOWED?!...on Thanksgiving??? Yeah, not super rare but not normal either, even in crazy Kentucky weather.
I am so proud of him as this was his first duck! He just started duck hunting last year and only gets to go about one or two days all year. He was super pumped!!!
After that it was off to the first Thanksgiving dinner at his grandparents house. We had a great time catching up with his family, especially his parents and sister/brother in law and niece/nephews. Thanks to his Aunt Debbie for catching this oh so flattering pic of us stuffing our faces:
From there, it was on to the last dinner of the day, at Travis' other grandparents house. Again, it was just so great to sit around the table and catch up with family members we don't get to see very much now that we are a couple of states away. At the end of the night, I realized we never got an official picture together of our first Thanksgiving as a married couple. Travis obliged and his mom took a couple for us:

It was one of the best Thanksgivings that I can remember. I think being away from home really makes you appreciate quality family time that much more and not take it for granted!
The next morning, we were late bird Black Friday shoppers. My mom, Travis, and I headed out and actually ran into his mom and sister while shopping. We found a few things for people we still had on our list and some really great deals on sweaters at Macy's! For lunch, we headed to my absolute favorite country cooking place and a Lexington classic: Ramsey's. I don't know how Travis had never eaten there before as long as I lived in Lexington while we were dating but he and my mom were both pleased, as was I. The BEST fried chicken and macaroni and cheese that my taste buds have ever tasted!
Once back home, I decorated the Christmas tree for my mom and boy, did that bring back memories?! Looking at all of our ornaments from when we were kids was so neat. After that, Travis' parents were calling to go eat dinner so we headed out with the whole family to Mallard's for the best pizza! We finished the night playing Uno with our nephew, Trevor, until I couldn't hold my eyes open anymore. (Just in case Travis forgets, Trevor and I kicked his tail!)
Saturday was our last day at home and I was already getting sad to leave. We headed back to Lexington that morning with Travis' parents to look at TVs as that's what Travis requested for our Christmas gift from his family. After much debate, he settled on one and we treated his parents and nephew, Trevor, to Rafferty's for lunch (can you tell we do a lot of eating when we're home?...hence why I like to go home?!....haha).
Once back home we headed to my parents house for our Thanksgiving dinner with my Memaw, Aunt Jill, Nana and Papaw. Also, our dear family friends Janet and Colin came, as well as my brother's friend Kasey. We had a blast sitting around talking all night, again until we couldn't keep our eyes open!

Tucker has an absolute blast when we go home and gets all of the attention. Everyone wants to see Tucker first! He goes 100% all weekend and crashes on the way home. Two seconds after this picture above was taken he was asleep!
I feel so blessed that God granted me with THE best parents and brother I could have ever asked for. He gave me the most wonderful, supportive, and hilarious husband and second family. Now, to buckle down for final comprehensive exams and research tasks to accomplish before the New Year. That will be hard with only two weeks until our trip home for Christmas!


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