Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Goals & Resolutions for 2015

Today I'm linking up with  bloggers over at Momfessionals to share my goals for 2015. I don't really consider myself a big resolution making person. I don't feel you need a new year to start making changes in your life, however the new slate is always a nice one. I usually wind up making the same type of hopeful resolutions which usually include: go to the gym at least 3 times a week, spend quiet time in the Word and in my prayer journal everyday, and no soft drinks. Well that last one has already went out the window... ;)

One word that has been resonating with me lately is GRACE. Our sermon this past Sunday was all about God's grace and how through the gospel we fully see his grace on the cross. It seems the years keep passing by and the older I get, the faster they seem to go. I find myself longing to slow down and remove myself from the distractions of this world. Between the TV, iPad, smart phones, and laptops we are always connected to someone or something. This year, my goal is to put down these distractions and give my time to the One who really matters. To marvel and meditate on His grace. To fully grasp what He accomplished for me on the cross. To show grace to others regardless of how they treat me, their beliefs, or attitude. To grow closer to Christ and not my Instagram followers, blog posts, or Facebook feed.

Instead of feeding into my perfectionist personality of creating a to do list: read my bible, write in my prayer journal, go to the gym, blog, and then feeling guilty when I fail, I'm going to treat myself and others with grace. I hope to shift my everyday focus closer to Christ and his grace but, I do still care about those things like my blog, scrapbooking, and exercising. All of these are good things! I do hope to get to the gym three times a week and blog more intentionally, connect more with other bloggers and capture more life moments on Instagram. Those things however, should be second to my time spent feeding on his word and pouring my heart out to him in prayer. And when I don't meet all those boxes on the list in my head, I'm going to remember God's grace!

So here's to 2015, that my heart will desire the Lord more and more everyday, that I will get off the couch and on the treadmill, and that I will continue to share my life and style on this little here blog! What are your goals and resolutions for 2015?! Linkup and share them with us!

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