Monday, January 12, 2015

Life Lately: iPhone/Instagram Pics

Well, it's back to the grind this Monday morning. I have a packed week with my first class starting early this morning. After that, it's a week full of testing for my dissertation research, papers to write, and research articles to submit.
I haven't caught up on sharing my iPhone/Instagram pics in quite a while so I thought I would start doing that more regularly, using the blog as another back up and also to share a little bit more of my life. But don't worry, most of my pics are full of fashion...if that's what you're here for. If not, well there's puppies and chocolate chip cookies which makes everyone happy, right?!
Finally got our wedding pictures printed and hung up on the walls! It only took me a year!

Scored this fabulous black and white leopard print sweater during Black Friday deals at Macys for under $30 bucks! It is literally my favorite sweater because it's soft, cozy, long enough to hide my bum, one of my favorite prints, super nice quality, and did I say cozy?

Another cozy look to get through this chilly cold front we've had lately. Love this black reversible poncho my MIL picked up for me in NYC a few years ago. I love to wear it belted for a dressier look and unbelted for a relaxed look on the weekends.

My favorite new pattern mixing combo. I picked this plaid tunic up when the hubs and I were in Spain for our honeymoon and Delta lost our luggage for basically the entire trip! We hit up H&M at the mall for cheap fast fashion and this was one of my picks. I haven't worn it a lot since then though. The hubs picked out this striped vest from Old Navy for me for Christmas and it is the perfect addition to my closet! He knows me so well...he should after 9 years!

Speaking of the cute is Tucker all snuggled up to him?!

Date night attire: faux fur vest courtesy, again, of the hubs for Christmas. I actually did pick this one out. We were doing our shopping for family and I spotted this through the window at New York and Company. It was 50% off but still pretty expensive and he insisted I get it because I loved it so much. Why?...because it covers my bum! I'm telling you, if I find a vest, sweater, even dress that comes past my hips its rare so I have to snag them when I can. I guess at 6 feet tall that's the price you pay!

I also spent an unusual amount of time perfecting my waves for date night, so a selfie was a must!

And then, if one selfie isn't enough, I had to get one at the party with my hubs. One of my coworkers in our research center turned 30 and his wife coordinated a big surprise party for him. It was so much fun!

We spent Saturday in our pajamas, watching the CATS beat Texas A&M (barely), eating pizza and my go to homemade chocolate chip cookies. I love this recipe.
I came across this Bible verse and it really resonated with me. The beauty the Lord sees in me is unlike any definition the world creates of beauty. It is a great reminder that my beauty is not in my clothes, hair or makeup but in the words I speak to others, the way I serve my husband, and my actions towards those around me. My prayer is that I would be intentional in honoring God in these ways and put more effort and thought into being beautiful in His eyes.
Well that's all folks! Happy Monday! May your week be productive, uplifting, fun and short!

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