Sunday, January 25, 2015

Life Lately: iPhone/Instagram Pics

It's been a couple of weeks since I've done a Life Lately here we go:
My attire for the NCSU/Duke game a couple of weeks ago. I quickly realized I have zero red in my closet. This is one of three red items out of ALL my clothes! It's probably because it's the color of one of UK's biggest rivals (UofL). Anyways, I got to wear my new houndstooth blardigan (blanket cardigan...get it?) from Cato Fashions.

It was THE best game we could have picked to attend! It was close the whole time and NC State beat the #2 ranked, undefeated PUKE! Some court rushing action is always fun to watch!

Of course we had to take a selfie to remember the fun time!

I whipped up this made-from-scratch baked chicken alfredo for us to take for lunch this past week. It was pretty delicious but we couldn't finish the whole thing before we were a little over it! You can find the recipe here.

Still breaking out my new Christmas items...this houndstooth vest is perfect! I also broke out the white denim in January!

Last Saturday, we went to see American Sniper (which is great by the way). I chose comfy buffalo plaid paired with a chunky knit vest.

Sunday I finally got to wear this fabulous ruffle coat I guessed it...for Christmas! You can see the full outfit post, and the fabulous monogrammed boot socks not pictured above, here.

I discovered She Reads Truth on Instagram a while ago but just recently downloaded their app. I've been going through the Bible in 365 days plan and I love it. I will admit I'm not keeping up every day but I have a goal in mind for when I would like to finish it...and it's not in 365 days. Remember my word for 2015? Grace so I'm not setting myself up for failure with unrealistic, perfectionist expectations. In the meantime, I discovered lots of fabulous lock screens that are completely free on the app. This one stood out to me and is currently on my phone!
Stay tuned for a weekend recap from a fun adventure we had yesterday! It'll be up on the blog tomorrow!

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