Monday, January 26, 2015

McQuerry Adventures: UK vs. USC

If you're not a CATS fan I apologize in advance for this post...actually #sorrynotsorry! The hubs & I finally got to enjoy his Christmas gift from my to the UK/South Carolina game at USC.

We took off early Saturday morning from Raleigh to make it to Columbia, SC for game time at noon. We were so excited to wear our UK blue in a sea of maroon but it turned out that UK had as big of a crowd, if not BIGGER, than the SC fans!
It was an exciting game, especially the first half, but then the CATS pulled away and kept a comfortable 10-15 point lead the rest of the game. Just the way I like it! So glad they won and made our trip more than worthwhile!
After the game, Travis wanted to stick around and maybe see the players if they came back out. We headed down to the radio/press area and he got a selfie with Matt Jones from KSR (Kentucky sports radio). We got pics of Dick Vitale & Aaron Harrison...including a photobomb during his radio interview. Unfortunately, Cal and the team didn't come back out but we still had a blast!
It was so nice to be able to watch the Cats in person again. Not being in Lexington anymore means the hubs can't catch the home games and we don't get all of them on TV down here in NC. I was so glad we got to see them play and remain undefeated! #9 here we come!!!
p.s. back to fashion related posts tomorrow...

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