Monday, January 19, 2015


Ruffle Coat: {Gifted, Luii brand} Leggings: {H&M} Monogrammed Boot Socks: {Gifted, Kentucky boutique} Boots: {Marshall's, old}
I'm so excited to finally share this beautiful ruffle coat & adorable monogrammed boot socks with ya'll! Both were gifted to me at Christmas and I immediately knew I wanted to pair them together. I've already worn the boot socks several times and have gotten multiple compliments on them! I love a good monogram!
This coat is absolutely beautiful and exactly my style. My husband's aunt and uncle give gifts to all of their nieces and nephews and their spouses at Christmas. This is my second year being married to Travis at Christmas time and I have to say, they do a great job picking out the perfect gift for everyone. I don't ever really give hints or make a's just not my style. I would rather watch others open gifts than be the one being watched.
But this coat is exactly my style, just like the purse and charm they gave me last year were exactly my style. It's so nice to get any gift, especially a surprise that you also happen to absolutely love and would have picked out for yourself. This coat is so warm, comfy, and stretchy. It's more like a sweater coat which is perfect for our North Carolina weather.

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