Monday, February 16, 2015

Life Lately: Valentine's Day

This last week of school and work was really busy for the both of us but, let's be honest...when is it not, right?! Wednesday night we had brinner (breakfast for dinner). I made homemade pancakes: banana for the hubs, chocolate chip for me, and plain silver dollars for Tucker.
Yes, that's right...we are those people. The ridiculous kind that are obsessed with their dog! He is like our child and we love it. I had a little batter left over and Travis jokingly, but kinda seriously, suggested I make mini pancakes for Tucker with the rest. After a quick google, we determined they were safe for him to have on occasion.
Tucker's mini-stack

He was a big fan! We gave him 2...he cried for more...we gave him one more and then cut him off after that.

Friday night we headed out to the mall. I had mentioned I would like a new perfume since both of mine were running low and I haven't picked out a new scent in a couple of years. We headed to Ulta and snapped this in the parking lot. How HOTT does my hubs look?! Sorry...but I gotta brag! He's a cutie!

I found a new scent that I absolutely love!! My brother bought me some Juicy Couture perfume for Christmas a couple of years back and it has always been my favorite. I really LOVE this new scent plus the bottle is gorgeous! It is my favorite scent ever! Thanks to my Valentine for treating me to something special!

Speaking of the hubs...he knows how to make me laugh! The card alone was laugh out loud funny but his one liners are pretty great also! This might be my favorite Valentine's day card ever.

Saturday morning I made our traditional Valentine's Day brownie. This was our 10th Valentine's day together and I started making this brownie on our 2nd or 3rd one. I've been making it almost every year since. I'll be sharing the recipe on the blog later this stay tuned!

I had to take a selfie of my hair before our Valentine's day date. I've been trying to perfect this messy wave style for a year now and I think I've finally mastered it. Anyone up for a photo tutorial? Maybe one of these days!

Finally, we capped of our Valentine's Day with dinner and a movie. I found a groupon for half off admission to a movie dinner theater. It was our first time going to one of those and it was really nice. I thought the food service during the movie might be really distracting but it wasn't. Maybe it was the movie we saw though...because it was really great. We saw Interstellar, thanks to my brother's suggestions, and while it was long, it was very intriguing. I was on pins and needles the whole time.
We also spent a lot of time watching Netflix, eating pizza, and relaxing together this weekend. It was so nice. I'm ready for another super busy week, including celebrating my brother's birthday! Happy Monday Ya'll!

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