Monday, February 2, 2015

McQuerry Adventures: New Orleans 2015

The hubs & I traveled to New Orleans last week for the very first time! It technically wasn't a vacation, as I was there to present my research, but we sure made it one!

We arrived Tuesday at noon and went straight to the French Quarter to do some sight seeing and eat lunch.

Right off of Bourbon Street. He hated posing for pictures and by day three he was over it!

 St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square

Inside St. Louis Cathedral

I was told we HAD to get Beignets (a square doughnut) at Café du Monde. This was right next to Jackson square and it was packed! To be honest, we went on Tuesday and had TERRIBLE service to the point we walked out and left. We tried again Thursday morning & it was a success!


This was our reaction after walking down Bourbon street at 6:00pm on a Tuesday night. Ya'll it was cray! I mean...WOW! It's definitely a unique experience. Suffice it to say my pictures from this street are neither Facebook, Instagram, Blog or any other form of social media appropriate!
Tuesday afternoon & Wednesday I spent in conference meetings all day. Wednesday night we enjoyed a great dinner out with a big group from the conference. We ate here & it was delicious! They're baked mac n'cheese and chicken fried chicken were the BOMB!

Thursday morning we got up early to take advantage of the few hours we had left before our flight home. We walked the French Quarter again, the Riverwalk, and went to the Aquarium.


Inside the Aquarium

These penguins were the sweetest and made me miss Tucker even more for some reason.

This poor little guy was ferociously trying to escape the tank. He was not giving up despite the glass wall! Poor guy!

We listened to this jazz band for quite some time. They were pretty great. We heard them the night before on Bourbon Street also.

I fell in love with the little architecture details around the French quarter like these lilac shutters.

Overall, we had a great trip for the short time we were there. We saw most everything on our list. If/when we go back I would like to take a tour of the above ground tomb cemeteries. We saw them on the drive in and out of downtown but I would like to go there. We started to walk to them (3 miles from our hotel) and got about 10 blocks before we realized we were no longer in a safe area what so ever. I would also like to see the Garden District (where Sandra Bullock lives) and the areas effected by Hurricane Katrina.
New Orleans was unlike any city I've ever been to. The sobering reality of the homeless and street people on every corner really tugged at my heart. It was hard to go on with your day...eating expensive food and buying souvenirs...when you saw how needy and lost (I don't mean geographically) the people were. I would love to come and do missions in this city if the opportunity ever came. God really worked on my heart in the short time we were there.
On a lighter note, I hope you enjoyed the photos from our trip. Have you ever been to New Orleans? What was your favorite or least favorite part? I would love to hear recommendations for other places to go and things to see there!

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