Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Our Honeymoon

So I realized when I was writing my "Happy Birthday Blog" post that I never recapped our Honeymoon! I wrote a 5 post blog series on our wedding and our wedding night stay at the Castle Post. Our honeymoon started with quite the bang so here we go:

After a 30+ hour journey we finally arrived at the Mariott Resort in Marbella, Spain! Some generous family members donated a week of their time share to us for our honeymoon, other wise this amazing European destination would not have been an option. It was so gorgeous when we arrived it almost made us forget the horrendous travel experience we had getting there! In summary: cancelled flights due to ice storm + tickets not booked once we arrived in Paris + fight in Paris airport + no food for 24 hours + lost luggage + stolen luggage = panic attack & fury! Anyways...we decided not to let it spoil the most special vacation of our lives!

Walking the beach on the first morning.


We ate lunch here almost everyday. It had been featured on the Food Network and it was delicious!

Our first real meal in almost two days!

The beautiful mountains!
We had to find the shopping mall on Day 1 because no luggage! It was a good excuse to go shopping I guess but there went our $$$ for a couple's massage :(

We found the same gelato in the mall that I had in Paris a few years ago. It was just as delicious the second time around!

Finally, my luggage! Only 2 days left in our vaca...and they stole my clothes :( But bikinis...woot! woot!

Ya'll I dreamed about laying on these cabanas for months! Literally...months! I didn't care how cool or breezy it was, my bum was glued under these babes during the afternoons!

Heading to Old Village for the night.

Little church in the middle of Old Village.


This steakhouse was delicious!
The lights around Old Village were beautiful!

Does this place look familiar?! I was serious when I said we ate lunch there almost everyday!

Yummy dessert!

We traveled a short taxi ride to Puerto Banus on our last day. It is like the Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills of this part of Spain.

There was a tiny little market where I found these handmade and handpainted plates. I brought back the one in the middle there with the white base and green, pink, blue colors. It has the perfect spot in our kitchen now.
The hubs sporting his new European sport coat.

And me mixing as many plaids from H&M as possible. The plaid top and scarf were my finds at the mall a few days earlier.

Our view at lunch. We're looking at Africa by the way. You can see the Rock of Gibraltar in the far distance on a clear day. We were able to see it that afternoon before we left.
While we were eating we saw divers on the rocks bringing in fresh fish.

What a gorgeous view! The mountains took my breath away!

Dessert on our last night at the resort restaurant.
We made the best out of a stressful and frustrating travel experience. While our 7 day honeymoon turned into a 4 day vacay due to travel problems and bad weather, we made the best of it. We had the best time together and the way Travis handled those difficult situations made me respect and love him so much more. He is the exact opposite of me and his strengths compliment my flaws. This was just one challenge in a long string that made us stronger during our first year of marriage. Looking back through these pictures was so much fun and renewed my memory of such a special time in our relationship.

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