Monday, February 9, 2015

Weekend Recap

What a much needed relaxing weekend! It's Monday and I'm okay with it...well as okay as anyone can be about Monday...
Friday, I ran by the mall after work on the hunt for a couple of new pairs of jeans. The one store I have found with jeans that are long enough and fit my style is New York and Company. Their Tall sizes are actually tall enough for this almost 6'1 gal and they have a wide selection to choose from. Their semi-annual pant event is also going on: Buy 1 get 1 FREE! I always snag a couple of pairs during these sales! I knew I needed a new pair of skinny jeans, desperately. I snagged these but wasn't impressed with their colored legging offerings. Thankfully they had these slimfit bootcut (which are basically skinnies also) in a dark wash with one pair left in my size. They were my free pair!
The hubs and I went out for dinner Friday and I did some browsing at my FAV store: Versona Accessories. We didn't have long before the store closed so I got out of there before I emptied our whole bank account and resisted the urge to go back on Saturday. Unfortunately you can't shop their merchandise online or I would show you my MANY favorites!
I spent Saturday cleaning, catching up on my DVR, and watching the CATS beat the Gators. The hubs went with his buddies to play some paintball so Tucker and I had a party while he was gone...just kidding! Sorta!
He loves Scandal almost as much as his Momma!

This pretty much sums up our weekend :)
This little guy got a bath Saturday night. He is sooo teeny tiny underneath all that fur! And yes, those are leopard pajama pants which I may or may not have worn all day...
Begging his Poppa for a treat after bath time!
(I am aware this post has been all about Tucker thus far. I don't show him enough love on here so #sorrynotsorry)
Also, here's one of my favorite cozy outfits from last week that I'm still loving:
Oh, and if you're wondering...that is the SAME box of duck decoys in the background the hubs has had sitting in the living room (#apartmentprobs) since January. So if you're reading this babe...yeah, you already know what I'm gonna say!
I've always wanted a long, cream sweater like this ever since I saw Jennifer Aniston wearing one in the movie Marley & Me (random...I know). I LOVE this sweater! I paired it with a sparkly denim button up and black ponte leggings for a concept development workshop last Wednesday.
Well that about sums it up folks! I'm excited to start another productive week at school and celebrate Valentine's Day with my handsome hubs!

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