Thursday, March 19, 2015

Happy Easter Wreath

Well the St. Patrick's Day decorations are packed away until next year and it's time to welcome spring & Easter! I love Easter! It is a sacred holiday, when we remember Christ's sacrifice on the Cross, and his Good News when he arose three days later from the tomb. Last Easter was the first time in 23 and 25 years that we did not celebrate at home with our families. It was hard being so far away and by ourselves on a holiday that is normally spent with family and at our home church. This year, we opted to skip Spring Break and go home for Easter instead so I am very excited to see our families for the first time since Christmas!
If you've been reading long enough, you know I love to decorate, especially for holidays! Mostly, I love to make crafty decorations like wreaths, topiaries, bunting, and garland. I created this fabulous wreath for fall and wanted to do the same for Easter and spring.
I happened to be close to a Hobby Lobby last Friday while I was doing some observations at Elon University for a teaching program at NCSU. There are no Hobby Lobby's within an hour drive of Raleigh so this was a special treat for myself! I knew I wanted to get supplies to make a new wreath and to decorate for Easter.
Here is what I found, following a similar formula as my fall wreath:
-large wreath form (this one is the biggest they have but I needed it to fit the sign in the middle)
-4 rolls of 15 ft burlap (I only bought two and needed at least 4)
-1 15 ft roll of teal burlap (matches color of Happy Easter sign)
-1 4 yd roll of pink quatrefoil burlap ribbon
-1 Happy Easter hanging sign (any kind of your choice, just make sure it fits size of wreath)
1. I started by looping my plain burlap through each section (12 in total) making 5-6 big loops per section. If you wanted a fuller, more compact look, you could use 6 rolls and do 8-10 loops per section.
2. Once I had looped all the burlap through (I found that one roll equaled 3 of the 12 sections), I started layering the teal burlap on top, making wide loops to fill in the gaps.
3. I chose to layer the pink quatrefoil ribbon on top of the teal burlap, in the same pattern.
4. I used the left over teal burlap and pink ribbon to make a bow and hot glue it to the top of my wreath.
5. Hang the wreath and Easter sign of your choice in the middle. Viola! It's that simple! This took me under an hour to make!

This is by far the biggest wreath I have ever made and I believe my most favorite! It ranks right up there with my fall wreath. I like picking out a cute metal wire sign at Hobby Lobby, choosing matching burlap, and making a wreath accordingly. I've found this formula to be really simple. After Easter, I can remove the sign and have a beautiful wreath the rest of spring and on into summer if I choose.
When I was looking for an Easter sign for my wreath, I fell in love with this guy at first sight! Unfortunately, he was way too big to fit in a wreath and while he would work as a door hanger all by himself, I really wanted to make a craft, so I chose to do both. He is hanging inside our door so we have Easter cheer to enjoy inside as well!
I was able to get both items because Hobby Lobby has such great deals! I did not purchase anything that wasn't on sale. All of the wreath and floral item supplies were 50% off this past week and the Easter merchandise was 40% off. Both Easter signs were $15 or under!!! If you haven't checked out Hobby Lobby recently it is definitely worth the trip!
How do you decorate for Easter?!

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