Monday, March 9, 2015

Life Lately & Weekend Recap

Happy Spring Break Monday! My university is technically on "spring" break this week but for the life of a graduate student that means a quiet campus to get more work done without as many distractions!
Today I thought I would do an iPhone/Instagram roundup from the past week or so and recap our weekend!
During one of our snow days Tucker decided he was over winter too! He laid like this for at least an hour and was perfectly content.

Last weekend, my brother's baseball team was playing less than an hour away from us. Unfortunately the weather kept my parents from making it down but Travis and I were able to go see him a couple of nights. This was my "happy belated birthday" chalkboard for him, along with the 4 dozen cupcakes I made and took to him. I think his teammates appreciated that gesture on their 12 hour bus ride home!

Last week we lost our cable/internet connection for a couple of days. I've been sweating over not catching the Bachelor finale tonight but thank goodness it came back on yesterday....priorities people! Anyways, we spent a few nights laying around taking pictures of this little guy. I wish I could show you the slow-mo video of him leaping across the bed...HIGHlarious!

Friday, after wrapping up some testing and a networking workshop I got home in time to eat lunch at 4 o'clock and watch the Facebook movie with Tucker. He was obviously very interested! Then we were off to a great night at our friends' place for dinner.
This weekend we headed out Saturday morning for Columbia, SC to watch my brother's baseball team take on the Gamecocks. My parents were finally able to escape the Kentucky #snowpocalypse to make it down.

This was one of the coolest stadiums my brother has played at during his collegiate career. We were all excited to see each other and to hopefully watch him pitch!

The Stadium

My Dad (Mr. Photogenic), Me and Travis (photo credits to my Mom)

Scoreboard - We were cheering for the Miami Redhawks!

Although they didn't win, they put up a much better fight than the scoreboard reflected & to top it off, my brother got to pitch! As a pitcher, you never know when you might get your next chance. It's always hit or miss whether or not we will get to see him play as we aren't able to go to many games. I was so happy when they put him in I almost ran out of my tennis shoes to get in place to take pictures!

Look at that looks so painful! I got some great action shots with my new camera. It was my first time using my large lens and the sports shutter speed. I am definitely no professional (as you can see) but it was fun to play around and learn some new things.

Miami of Ohio Redhawks versus South Carolina Gamecocks, March 7th, 2015
Back of the camera shot. I was super excited to get home and see all of the pictures I took.

I was feeling fancy with this red lip which was a miracle after being woken up at 8:30, the morning of Daylight Savings Time, to a fire alarm in a random hotel.

Tucker was one happy boy and I was one happy Momma to get him back after just 24 hours apart!

When we got home yesterday, I whipped up some gnocchi mac and cheese and paired it with this homemade garlic butter I made early last week. It was pretty good. I plan to take it for my lunch this week. Not gonna lie, we went and got Little Caesar's later instead...I swear Crazy Bread must be covered in crack! #Iwantallthecrazybread
Well that's it Ya'll! Our fun, but very short, weekend. I love weekends like that though...don't you? There's nothing better than quality family time!
I hope you all have a wonderful week! Check back tomorrow for a new outfit post!

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