Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Life Lately

Hey Ya'll! Whew! It's been a busy week and a half! And there's no slowing down in sight for me but I am definitely looking forward to a full weekend a home!
The past week or so has been a whirlwind. Last Monday, I attended a conference for my dissertation research that was local to Raleigh.
On Tuesday, I helped give tours of our lab, for the same conference, and then traveled to a local college to deliver a guest lecture.
Wednesday, it was back to the conference until noon, then directly to a local hotel to check myself in to the Building Future Faculty program until Saturday! Shew...are you still with me?
The BFF program was wonderful! I met 34 other academics from across the country and globe who are also interested in a career in academia, like myself.

Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning were full of great workshops on grant writing, work/life balance, how to prepare for the interview process, etc.

On Thursday afternoon, we got to put our interview skills to the test by meeting with departments on campus associated with our specialty areas. I met with the dean of the college and faculty in my current department. While I knew some of them beforehand, this was the perfect experience to ask questions directed towards the professoriate and to express my career interests. I then gave a research presentation and we all headed to dinner to take a big sigh of relief!

Friday was spent in more sessions learning about the promotion and tenure process and how to publish our research. Saturday morning we had a closing breakfast and were all presented with certificates of survival success!

I met so many great contacts and made wonderful friends!

Go Pack!! (But, really, Go CATS!!!! Still undefeated!)

BFF's for life! (Get it? Best Friends Forever...)
After the closing BFF breakfast I headed straight to our lab (yes, it was Saturday) to work the annual College of Textiles open house. It is so fun to see and hear high school students talk about their future interests in textiles!
Then this happened!!! And a whole lot of it!!!
I spent Saturday afternoon/evening with my bum glued to the couch. I was pretty exhausted after a crazy, hectic week. I didn't rest for long though. I was back to work on Sunday afternoon revising my CV and working on journal article revisions. (It's a good thing I like what I do, huh?!)
On Monday, I proctored an exam, caught up on email, and worked on a multitude of papers/projects. Then the hubs treated me to a big date night out before I left yesterday for yet another conference. I drove to Savannah, GA yesterday in order to present my research this morning. So, if you're reading this before 10:30am send up a quick prayer and wish me good luck! No matter how many times I present, I always get nervous before.
I'm headed back home Thursday night just in time to watch the CATS win again and tie up loose ends at work/school on Friday before the WEEKEND!!! I have some fun craft projects planned that I hope to share on the blog next week so stay tuned!!!
Happy Hump Day!

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