Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Show & Tell Linkup: The Most Popular Fall of My Life

I know I usually keep it centered around fashion, crafts, and a few snapshots from our everyday life around here but, today I am participating in Andrea's Show and Tell Tuesdays and this week's theme is to share your "Most Embarrassing Story." So here it goes...please don't laugh...no do, please do! Because we all need a few more laughs in a day!
The Most Popular Fall of My Life
It was a day like any other, I was a sophomore in college at the University of Kentucky {GO CATS!!!}. It was a Monday (that's where I messed up right there ;) so I had a morning packed full of classes. First up was an hour of accounting at 8:00am sharp, followed by another hour of economics, and if that wasn't bad enough, lets top it off with a third hour of chemistry. Hence, my need by 11:00am, to sprint (not literally) to the student center, grab the largest slice of pizza I could find, and head back to my dorm to decompress before any studying began.
I had just grabbed my slice of pizza and was headed back to my dorm, right across the street. Mind you, it was raining so I had my umbrella in one hand and pizza in the other. I was wearing my favorite pair of hot pink J Crew rain boots and a brand new pair of Express skinny jeans. As I headed out the door at the bottom of the stairs, I was super excited. My long morning of classes was finally coming to an end and I could already taste the pizza in my hand!
But, no, not too fast Meredith! First, you need to learn to walk up the three little concrete stairs in front of you. To this day I still blame it on my beloved, yet clunky, rain boots. I caught the top of the third stair with the front of my rain boot and the next thing I new I was falling head first, in front of oh, at least 50!!! people. I couldn't stop my face forward implant because my beloved pizza would get ruined or I would break my umbrella! Well, I didn't have that much time to react so it all kind of destructed underneath me.
To my horror, when I stood up, everyone had stopped and was just staring at me like, OH MY GOD! Why you ask? Well my backpack had fallen on top of my head, my pizza had come out of its box and had slide down into my rainboot, sauce and all!, my umbrella had discombobulated into a mess of broken metal and fabric, I had a hole in the knee of my brand spankin' new skinny jeans, and the worst part?! There was no skin left on my right knuckles...NONE! I still have the scars to prove it to this day.
All of this destruction in one "minor" trip/fall! Well it doesn't end there, no, of course not. Some poor guy finally came to my rescue but I was clearly embarrassed and did not want his help. I politely (or not so politely) turned his help away. I peeled my pizza slice (what wasn't soaking in the bottom of my boot) off my jeans and threw it in the trash. Ya'll, this is so embarrasing, but for a second, I almost considered going back for a second piece before addressing my profusely bleeding hand...a girl has to eat!!!
I picked myself up, with what little dignity I had left, and walked my way through the rain with my mangled umbrella and bleeding hand, back to my dorm. And of course, not one stinkin' bandaid to be found in the entire dorm. Really, how are they not required to have a first aid kit somewhere?! Thankfully my parents happened to be on campus because my brother was being hosted by the UK baseball program as a potential recruit. She came to the rescue and we went for lunch and bandaids! Ha! See God always provides...even in the little things!
Now, if I wasn't embarrassed enough, it got worse! How you might ask? I found out a few hours later, through my Dad's lunch buddy, that a very famous (on campus) and popular UK basketball player at the time just so happened to be walking by the student center at exactly the same time as "the fall hear round the campus!" He found it so funny he felt it necessary to "tweet" about it.
Yes, my fall was on Twitter.
He tweeted, "This girl just ate it outside the student center" Bahahah...you're hilarious Perry Stevenson! He then followed it up with "Well she got up, she must be okay." What he didn't see was the tears streaming down my face as I walked away. Not because my hand was bleeding, and believe it or not, not because I had lost my pizza. But because I had just fallen in front of God and everybody!!! Thankfully, I have a sense of humor and was laughing it off by the time I got back to my dorm. Then I started crying because I had to pick the gravel out of my knuckles...OUCH!!!
Looking back on it, it's Hilarious! Something I will never forget and by far the most embarrassing moment of my life! And I would be lying if I said a VERY similar fall didn't happen at NC State last year as a PhD student. I think my motor skills decrease when I'm stressed with school work! And I really should practice walking UP the stairs! But that's a story for a different day!
If you're still reading this, you get 5 stars and a cookie! Hope you got a good laugh at my expense!


  1. Oh no, Meredith!!
    "The fall heard round the campus"--ahh!
    At least you can just laugh about it now :) :)

    1. Thanks for reading Rachel! Glad we can all laugh about our super embarrassing moments together!

  2. You poor thing. It's good you are able to laugh about it. I got a little chuckle but felt sad at the same time. Campuses are dangerous especially NCState in the rain with all those bricks! Keep your head up you are almost done with grad school and will be a Doctor soon!


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