Thursday, March 5, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Decor

Blame it on the long, cold, snowy winter or middle of the semester stress, I have really been in the mood to decorate our little apartment for St. Patrick's Day! Although St. Paddy's Day isn't a "big" holiday and really has no significant meaning to me, it's been fun to peruse Pinterest and the Dollar Tree for simple craft/décor ideas!
Today I'm going to share three fun ways to spice up your home with St. Patrick's Day cheer!
1. Chalkboard Art
The first thing I did was wipe the snowman and snowflakes off this chalkboard above my desk. So long snow & ice! I got the idea for this chalkboard off guessed it....Pinterest. I will be the first to admit I do not have the best handwriting or ability to create/draw from an idea in my head. It never looks like I want it to! Instead, I've been searching chalkboard examples and drawing based upon those.
I was pretty impressed with my ability to get as close to this example as I did! My chalkboard already had the fun scrolling border detail painted onto it. I just added the text. This also made me realize how "badly" I "need" some color chalk! In case you were wondering, my chalkboard, above, is from Hobby Lobby a little over a year ago.
2. Four Clover Leaf Wreath
As soon as I saw this tutorial on Pinterest with Dollar Tree supplies for a total cost of $4 I knew I wanted to recreate it! I easily found the four leaf clover packets (you will need 3...I wish I had gotten 4 because I overlapped a little too much) for $1 each and the Styrofoam wreath form at my local Dollar Tree.
-3-4 packs of foam four leaf clovers
-wreath form (Styrofoam or wood)
-ribbon to hang with or for a bow
-hot glue gun/hot glue

Step 1: Glue on four leaf clovers, overlapping, to make a larger circle as you go. I couldn't find a wreath form as big as I wanted so my wreath is a little smaller than the example.

Step 2: Add ribbon for hanging and any extra embellishments. I grabbed a green/white gingham roll of ribbon to hang  the wreath and a pack of plastic hats to add as an embellishment. It is not the most durable wreath so I hung it inside our apartment while we are still braving this windy, nasty, winter weather!
3. Garland, Bunting & Mantle Décor

One day, I dream of a big fireplace mantle to decorate for each holiday and season! For now, I have a tiny entertainment center/fireplace that is holding a massive 60" TV the hubs HAD TO HAVE! Grrr...well I stuck these green glass vases and faux white roses in front of it anyway...Ha! I spotted these vases at the Dollar Tree and for $2 they are a quick way to bring in some holiday cheer. Plus the green will also work for Easter, Halloween, and Christmas!
I purchased the garland at the Dollar Tree also and pulled out a few clovers to add to my bunting. I was inspired by this tutorial but didn't follow it exactly.
It was more complicated than I wanted to fool with plus I wanted to use my fun St. Patrick's Day themed scrapbook paper. I googled a triangle bunting pattern and used that to cut out perfect triangles and hot glued the clovers on. I love it!
Lastly, I added this green "M" to our coffee table tray for another pop of green! I picked this up in a pottery shop on my bachelorette weekend. They had "extras" that clients never came back for. It was the right letter so I purchased it for $5! It's a cute piece that I pull out every so often.
Well there you have it...a rodeo of my favorite Dollar Tree home décor crafts for St. Patrick's Day! You can check out my St. Patrick's Day Pinterest board here!

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