Thursday, April 30, 2015

Life Lately

We've almost made it friends! It's Friday Eve! I'm recapping life lately for the McQuerry's.
Friday, April 24th
Paisley Kimono: {Target} Tassel Necklace: {Cato Fashions, similar} Denim: {NY&CO, old} Flats: {Target, old}
Banana Republic had an amazing sale going on last Friday night. I rarely ever go to the mall, let alone actually look around but the hubs took me out to the Cheesecake Factory and we browsed while waiting for table. We were walking by Banana Republic and he pointed out the sale sign "50% off already reduced prices." Ummm.hello...that was calling our names so we popped in. Here's what I tried on:
I decided to splurge a bit and snag that white V-neck sweater on the far left. It was $40 on sale, with an additional 50% was pricey to me. But this sweater has been everywhere this past fall/winter. It is super on trend, super comfy, and I loved the fit/silhouette. It was a no brainer!
This past Saturday was prom night in our small hometown back in Kentucky. I dug up our old prom pics and decided to share. We went three years in a row: Travis' senior prom, my junior prom, and my senior prom.
Prom 2006

Prom 2007
Let's all take a moment of silence for this gigantic, lilac cupcake dress. Ya'll at the time, I was in LOVE with this dress. No, that's an understatement, I starved myself for this dress. I could not eat dinner or take a breath. At the time, I thought it was so worth it. Now...what the heck was I thinking?!

Prom 2008
Sunday, we headed out in the afternoon to check out handguns at Gander Mountain. I've decided to get my concealed carry license after recent events (i.e. man trying to break into our apartment while I was home alone...yikes!). Obviously I looked very intimidating and like I know a ton about guns in this getup below. Pretty sure the salesman was laughing inside at me.

Sunday, April 26th
Kimono: {Cato Fashion, just $9.99 clearance} Top: {Walmart, old} Necklace: {Versona } Denim: {NY&CO, old} Boots: {DSW}
And clearly, we have our selfie game down...or at least one of us does.

Tucker did not want the weekend to end. It was a late night toy party Sunday evening.

Sunday night, I got the bright idea at 6:00pm, that I should re-launch my jewelry website after taking a year off. Not like I have anything else going on in life right now...just prelim exams, journal articles, research, teaching/grading, and blogging so why not throw in a small business. Sounds like the perfect recipe for stress to me! I'm such a sucker!
Anyways, Bijoux Boutique will RELAUNCH this FRIDAY, MAY 1st at 12:00AM!! (or maybe a little before because I'll probably be asleep by then). You can follow this link then and it will take you to the updated webpage.
Here's a sneak peek at some of the new pieces! The fringe necklaces are already almost sold out!
Monday-Wednesday were spent slaving over my preliminary exam presentation which is coming up next Tuesday!!! Pray for me friends! I'm quite nervous about all the potential criticism that may come my way.
On Wednesday, we had a graduate student success celebration for the Mentoring and Teaching Practicum program I completed over the past academic year. It was wonderful, they had lots of ice cream, my sweet mentor took me to lunch before and attended with me, and I got a fancy certificate.
Wednesday night, like the procrastinators we are (more my husband...not me) we FINALLY went to Rush Hour Karting to use the groupon I bought for Valentine's Day. Yes, we waited until the very last day possible, before it expired, and I have to say it was kind of a dud. They rushed us in, we raced, I drove like the granny that I am, the hubs lapped everybody 3 times like the crazy competitor he is, and then it was over. We drove way out of the way too so maybe that's why I felt it wasn't worth it. At least we got it for 1/2 off through Groupon, but probably won't be doing that again anytime soon.
So cheers to the weekend! Mine will be spent practicing my hour long presentation, grading final exams, reading Game of Thrones, and prepping for the hubs' birthday next week! I'm ready for some R&R!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What I Wore Wednesday: Paisley Fringe Kimono

Kimono: {Target, similar} Tank: {Old Navy, old} Denim: {NY&CO, old} Flats: {H&M, old} Crossbody: {store in Leeds, England} Scarf: {H&M, London, old}
Another day...another kimono...
This is my last kimono outfit post...I promise...for now at least :)
I snagged this gorgeous, paisley print, fringe kimono at Target last week for $22! I love how a fun kimono can make the most basic outfit suddenly stylish and pulled together. So far, I've styled most of my kimonos in a more casual way as I've been wearing them to school a lot. This summer, I plan to pair them with dresses and jumpsuits, even swimsuits! They make for great and comfy cover ups by the pool.
And just for a good laugh...I wore this to school all day with a black tank, black shoes, and black jewelry until my husband informed me when I got home that the fringe and print are clearly navy...woops!
Happy Hump Day Friends!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Trend Spin Linkup: White Kimono

Kimono: {Cato Fashions} Top: {Walmart, old} Necklace: {Versona Accessories} Denim: {NY&CO, old} Boots: {DSW} Crossbody: {store in Leeds, England}
It's Tuesday so you know what that means around here...time for another Trend Spin Linkup and this week's theme is "WHITE." How fitting since I scored this white and cobalt kimono on clearance at Catos when I was home last week for less than $10! Yes, you read that right...this gorgeous kimono was under $10!!!
I paired this fabulous statement piece with a tangerine tee, denim, and my favorite cut out boots since it was a bit chilly this past weekend in NC. This was the perfect Sunday afternoon casual attire.
P.S. I do realize all of my outfit posts of late have featured kimonos. Well, I'm not done yet. I have one more to show you tomorrow for WIWW. Then, I'll be bringing them all together to show you how to style a kimono for spring or summer! I LOVE a great kimono!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Favorite Accessories Linkup + Bijoux Boutique RELAUNCH

Happy Monday Ya'll! Shew...that weekend flew by!
Today I'm linking up with Andrea and Erica for "Favorite Things." This month's theme happens to be Favorite Accessories and I LOVE a good statement necklace. Plus, I have some EXTREMELY EXCITING news at the end of this post for ya'll!
First, let's start with some of my FAVORITE neck candy!

Hello gorgeous black floral statement necklace!

I do not discriminate when it comes to statement necklaces! The bigger the better in my book!

Again, MORE is MORE to me! Love this red beauty.

How gorgeous is this pastel blush pink and mint green combo?!

This peach and purple crystal piece has been on repeat in my closet lately this spring.
You can never go wrong with a simple, solid bubble necklace, in my opinion (or a cute pup too :).

Did you see that gorgeous pastel beauty above? Well here it is in navy and blush pink. The perks of being a jewelry company owner, I guess (see more below).

And last, but certainly not least, a gorgeous mint floral piece!
I don't know about you, but I could keep going for days. I am certainly aware of my statement necklace addiction. Also, you may have noticed the majority of these pieces came from Bijoux Boutique. You're probably wondering, what is Bijoux Boutique and why, when I click on the link, does it say the website is "Currently Under Maintenance"?
Well, my friends, I have decided I can't suppress my love for sourcing, buying, and selling statement jewelry any longer! I have decided to RELAUNCH my jewelry website, Bijoux Boutique, this FRIDAY, MAY 1ST!
I started Bijoux Boutique two years ago this month and what began as a simple Facebook page quickly grew to a large local and online presence. I suspended my website and social media accounts a year ago this month due to relocating out of state and a busy work/school schedule. I may be crazy, but here I am relaunching my website and business a week before my PhD Preliminary Exams! Ahhh! I seriously love fashion jewelry that much.
The perfect necklace can polish off an outfit and pull the entire look together. It can make you beam with pride and feel super trendy. So I thought I would share just a few sneak peeks of what's to come on the website later this week (your treat for reading this far into the post)!

1. Botanical Statement Bib Collar (available in 3 colors)
2. Tassel Fringe Necklace (available in 3 colors)
3. Bloom Pendant Necklace (available in 3 colors)
How gorgeous is that pink fringe tassel necklace?! I can't wait to get my hands on these pieces for ya'll!

1. "All Colors on Deck" Statement Piece
2. Pastel Blush Bib
3. Pastel Crystal Statement Necklace Set
4. Multi-Pendant Crystal Tortoise Necklace Set
Remember how I said Bigger is Better?! I totally believe that, especially with those top two pieces in the photo above! Ahhh...I'm so excited to share these beauties with you all on Friday!
ANNNNDDDD....the very BEST part?! Not a thing on the website, not even those gorgeous, detailed pieces above, is over $30!! Nothing over $30! Affordability is my number one priority, besides offering trendy statement pieces. I'm a bargain shopper myself and believe in getting a good deal. Well, let me just say, these pieces are a STEAL!!
I hope you will head on over to the re-launched website on Friday! I will be sharing the updated link and some more new pieces here on the blog Friday!
You can also follow Bijoux Boutique on:
1. Instagram: @bijouxjewelryboutique
3. Twitter: @Bijoux_Jewelry

Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Favorites

Sorry for the brief blogging hiatus. The past week and a half has unfortunately been very eventful, but not in a good kind of way. I'm catching up today with some of my favorites from the past week and I will admit it is hard to call some of them "favorites."

1. Game of Thrones Premiere

Game of Thrones season 5 premiered a couple of Sunday nights ago and it is definitely one of my top FAVORITE shows! I've been reading the book series over the past year and am currently in the beginning of the third book.

Although I'm behind in the books per the series, there is so much more information in the books that you don't pick up on the show. Here I am reading on the airplane. More on my trip below.

2. Floral Style Challenge & Weekly Wardrobe

There was a floral style challenge on Instagram last week. I participated the first few days.

Bright Florals

Top: {so old I cannot even begin to of my favorites though} Sweater: {The Limited, old} Chinos: {NY&CO} Flats: {Walmart, old}

Black & White Florals

This pairing is one of my all time FAVORITES and was super popular over on Instagram!

Top: {Versona Accessories} Pants: {Elder Beerman, old} Flats: {Cato Fashions} Necklace: {Bijoux Boutique, old}

Casual Florals
Floral Sweatshirt: {H&M} Denim: {NY&CO} Flats: {Walmart}

Happy Friday Eve!

Striped Tunic: {H&M, old} Denim: {NY&CO, old} Jacket: {J Crew, old} Rain Booties: {J Crew} Scarf: {can't remember}


This peach + teal tear drop necklace is definitely one of my FAVORITES!
Top: {Marshalls, old} Pants: {Marshalls, old} Tennis Shoes: {Target, old} Necklace: {Bijoux Boutique, old}

3. Family Time

The hubs & I went to our local Mexican joint last Thursday night since we had a coupon. We had to buy dessert in order to use the coupon so that didn't really make sense but oh well! This bad boy was pretty delicious but dinner with my hubs is always a FAVORITE of mine.

Master's Graduation May 2014

Family time is always one of my FAVORITES but not under recent circumstances. My sweet, sweet Papaw is currently in hospice care back in Kentucky. He has been very ill and on dialysis for the past two years. Quite honestly, it was a miracle that he made it to my wedding and I am so blessed for the time I have had with him, especially recently. He, along with my Nana and doctors, decided to stop dialysis almost two weeks ago but he is still fighting.

Last Friday, I came home mid-afternoon to grade exams from my couch while catching up on my DVR. Unfortunately, a suspicious man decided he would like to come into my apartment shortly after I arrived home. Thankfully I had locked the door up tight but he still persisted. A short heart attack, 911 call, and grabbing a gun later, the police were at my door and I was in shock!!! A few hours after the incident, the emotions of what happened caught up to me and I fell apart. I was longing to be home to see my grandfather one last time and I was on edge in my own home no matter how much my husband assured me that I was safe. My sweet parents did not even hesitate and flew me home to Kentucky on Saturday morning.

Nana & Papaw at our Wedding, December 2013

While home, I was able to see my Papaw and visit with him during such a difficult time. He was the same old Papaw, not a single complaint, trying to make others laugh, and calling me "Meme" just like he always has. I have peace that God is carrying him through this difficult time physically and emotionally. I am so thankful God blessed me with the most godly grandparents and parents I could have asked for.

It never gets old seeing the rolling green hills of Kentucky from the air. Absolutely a FAVORITE from the past week.

4. Shopping with Mom

Being home was also a good distraction for my parents who have a lot on their shoulders taking care of three farms while family members are sick and in the hospital. My Mom and I rarely get to spend time alone together and this was a blessed time to eat, talk, and shop.

This denim tunic from Target is one of my FAVORITE pieces we picked up over the weekend. I wore it Monday with black leggings (#hellotallgirlproblems) and cowboy style boots. Definitely a great outfit combo! I can't wait to show you all our Macy's deals, Target finds, and Cato Fashions steals!

5. Lunch with my Nephew

On Monday, I visited my second Momma, Janet at the local elementary school. My sweet little nephew, Carson, is in her Kindergarten class. I had lunch with them both! Carson is so funny and is becoming such a big boy. His maturity surprised me and I enjoyed this one-on-one time with him that is so rare since we moved to NC.
It was also great to spend time with Janet. I never shared on the blog before because I wasn't sure how to, but Janet lost her husband Mark, who was also like a second parent, last September on my 24th birthday. Their son and my younger brother have been attached at the hip since preschool, along with Janet and my Mom, and Mark and my dad. I was the daughter they never had and the majority of my best childhood memories include them. It was such a blessing to see Janet and love on her.
Growing old and moving away is tough stuff and I was so thankful for this sweet break in my normal busy schedule and routine to spend time with family and loved ones. That is what really matters in life!
6. These 2 Cuties
And, I have to end on a happy note so here is my last FAVORITE: these 2 cute pups!

Sweet little Tucker, of course! He was a little sad that Momma left him with Papa (Travis) while she flew home to KY! He was soooooo excited to pick me up at the airport Tuesday night.

And this is Daisy Mae making her internet debut! This is my Mom and Dad's dog that we saved from the pound when I was in high school. She's such a sweetie and definitely enjoyed the private attention without little Tucker there to take it away.

Whew! What a long post! Next time I'll try not to take such a long break. But, life happens and I'm trying to soak up every second, good and bad.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

WIW Wednesday: Spring Kimono

What: Mint Lace Tank//Printed Kimono//Distressed Denim//Gladiator Sandals//Faux Cambridge Crossbody//Turquoise Bracelet
When: Saturday, April 11th
Where: Running errands to get my vehicle serviced, groceries, etc.
I spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday afternoon switching my closet over for spring/summer. Oh my word...I have really collected more winter sweaters and clothing than I thought. I don't know why, but I tend to have more winter clothes than summer clothes. Plus, winter clothes are much more bulky and take up a lot more space.
Early afternoon, I had an appointment for my vehicle to be serviced. I wanted to be comfortable for the 1-2 hour wait so I threw on these stretch distressed denim jeggings and this breezy spring kimono. It pairs perfectly with this mint lace top. I also freed the piggies in these gladiator sandals. Yay for warm weather!!! 
There's nothing like pulling out your summer clothes after a long, chilly winter. It's like rediscovering your closet and shopping all over again. I can't wait to share more of my closet with you this spring/summer! 

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